Gluten-Free Restaurants in Rome (Roma) Italy - Celiac Disease
Dec 21 2009

Gluten-Free Restaurants in Rome (Roma) Italy

Last week I introduced you to eating gluten-free in Rome, Italy.  In this post, I will continue to cover gluten-free restaurants found throughout Rome, Italy.

2 Brothers from Sicily opened the Sicilianbocca in Prati, Via Emilio Faa Di Bruno 26   Tel; 0637358400   This restaurant was so successful, that they have opened another restaurant, called Sicilianbocca al Flaninio, Via Flaminia 390  Tel: 063240187.   This is located near the famous Milvio Bridge.  Both these restaurants faithfully reproduce the flavors of Sicily.  Don’t forget on entering, tell the waiter “Senza Glutine” and you will be well looked after.

You may also want to relax in the shadows of some Centenarian Sycamore Trees, at the elegant and exclusive Alex Cafe Restaurant, at Via Vittorio Veneto 20    Tel: 064823618    The owner Fabrizio Ciafrei will take good care of you and they do have a gluten-free menu.

Some other restaurants that offer gluten-free menus:

  • Boccondivino Restaurant, at Piazza in Camp Marzio 6     Tel:0668308626  also have many gluten-free dishes.
  • La Terrazza Restaurant, is found within the Hotel Eden, at Via Ludovisi 49, good choice of gluten-free dishes.
  • A few steps away from St.Peter’s, is II Giardino Pamphili, at Via Leone de Holn 63  Tel: 06661004603. Their “Paccheri de Gragnano” , short pasta tubes, filled with red scorpio fish and cehhery tomatoes, is really delicious,  a good selection of fish dishes, lots of gluten-free food.
  • Del Frate Restaurant, Via Scipioni 118    Tel: 063236437   This restaurant is next to the Homonymous Historic Bottle Shop, well worth a visit. The Del Frate is a modern, but cozy, wine bar, with a choice of gluten-free dishes.
  • A restaurant with the very best of views over the whole of Rome, the view really is spellbinding,  it is La Terrazza del Eden, Via Ludovisi 49    Tel: 06478121    Have a drink in the bar and look down on Rome, one of the best views of the city, you will ever find, so take as long as you need, whilst ordering a great gluten-free meal.
  • Restaurant Cafe Romano, Via Borgognona 4M    Tel: 0669981500    The Executive Chef, Rodofo Chieroni will cook you cuisine, from traditional Italian, to Mediterranean and multi-ethnic delicacies.
  • Restaurant Moma, Via San Basilio 42    Tel: 0642011798    This restaurant is owned and managed by the brothers Franco & Gastone Pierini, who will offer you contemporary cuisine, in an authentic Italian culinary tradition.
  • Casa Bleve, found in Via del Teatro Valle 48   Tel: 066865970         This restaurant is owned and run by Tina & Anaceleto Bleve, it is just around the corned from Piazza Navona.  The restaurant has recently been voted as “One of the best Italian Restaurants”.  It is frequented by Politicians, Gastronomes and Connoisseurs.  Don’t forget tell them “Senza Glutine” or “Lo Sono Celiaco” and you will be truely well looked after. UPDATE 8-31-11: This restaurant is now closed, according to a reader (see below comments).

This should be enough restaurants to make sure you are well fed while visiting Rome, Italy.   Have any you’d like to add?  Please share them in the comments!

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Kyle Eslick is the founder of Gluten Free Media, as well as the creator of the popular Celiac Support Groups page. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+!


  1. Neil says:

    There appears to be a mistake in the italian phrase you gave. It should start with an “i” not an “L” — it’s “io sono celiaco”. This is pronounced “EE-oh SO-no chay-lee-AH-co”. Fortunatley you can actually skip the “io” part and just say “Sono celiaco”.

    The problem is, the capital letter “i” looks like a lower-case “L” — I vs. L. And I think that’s where the problem stems from.

  2. Lauren says:

    I live in Rome and have Celiac Disease. I was eating at a restaurant called Casa Coppelle near the Pantheon. They had prosciutto and melon, caprese salad, and they made me gluten free pasta. It was so delicious and relatively inexpensive. I had prosciutto and melon and pasta for about 20 euro.

  3. If you are looking for hotels in Rome that serve gluten free food, you can visit
    The site lists hotels all over the world which are able to serve gluten free food.

  4. Joe says:

    Just returned from Rome 8/29/11. Casa Bleve is closed. Seemed to be either the heath department or past due taxes. Ate at La Terrazza with my family. While the views and service were great, it is very expensive. Lunch for four was over 150 Euros. We had absolutely the cheapest food on the menu and ate in the bar(ie-cheaper side). My daughter enjoyed the gluten free bread sticks, rolls and sliced bread. She said it the best gluten free bread she ever had. It was nice to see the smile on her face.

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