Gluten-free Travel Poll - Celiac Disease
Jun 17 2011

Gluten-free Travel Poll

Many people on the gluten-free diet change their travel patterns due to their restricted diet. People who once loved traveling are suddenly afraid to eat outside their own homes.  This makes traveling difficult to say the least.  Sure, one can always book accommodations with a full kitchen and make all their own meals when away from home, but there isn’t much fun in that.  I love having breakfast in our room, but usually eat lunch and dinner out most every day while on vacation or traveling for business.

I might travel slightly more now that I did when I was on a non-restricted diet, but the majority of people I’ve spoken to who follow the gluten-free diet do the opposite.  Many of them do everything they can to avoid traveling for any reason.  Summertime is here and kids are out of school.  That means it’s vacation time for many people.  I started wondering what percentage of people on the gluten-free diet changed their travel habits after starting the gluten-free diet. Please take a moment to cast your vote in the poll below.  My bet is the first answer is going to come out on top on this one.


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  1. Barb says:

    I voted that I travel about the same amount of time. However, I travel differently. We tend to go some place and stay for awhile instead of a different spot every day. I also try to research where we’re going to be. I pack food. We use a GPS to look ahead at restaurants and I call with a cell phone to check on what they can do for me. I never walked out of a place before where, now, if I don’t feel safe we get up and leave. You have to accept that you’re going to eat a lot of salads, plain burgers, and maybe ice cream if nothing else is safe. I had a lot of melt downs on the first trip. It’s been an emotional progress but I refuse to give up. It does get easier each time I go.

  2. Joan says:

    We travel about the same but we do it differently. I carry some food more if I know we’re on a plane than doesn’t serve meals. I check to see where the nearest Whole Foods is at my destination. I check out restaurants at the destination. We also have become fans of small ship cruising. Unpack once, educate the dining and kitchen staff once and have your hotel follow you around.

  3. Cathi says:

    I travel less, because I have not had good success with Gluten free Friendly resturants. There is always room for error, NOT the resturant fault, and it takes me about 6 weeks to get over one gluten mistake. I am highly sevensitive to the smallest/tinest amount of gluten. It effects all my hormones including Thryoid and Adrenal glands. So, I just don’t have horrible digestive problems it also affects my whole being. I hope in the future this will change, but at this time eating out is not safe for me, which makes me very sad. My husband and I use to love traveling and finding new unique places to eat. It was all part of the fun of travel.

  4. Carol says:

    I travel more than I did but that is because I am no longer working. Our travels include cruising and road trips. When traveling on the road, we take something simple for breakfast in the room, picnic at lunch and usually enjoy our evening meal out. It takes a bit of planning ahead but we do enjoy our trips.

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