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Dec 13 2011

Gluten Freely Twitter Party–Holiday Tips

I have to admit that while I had dabbled in a Twitter party here & there, I had never taken part in one from start to finish until yesterday.  Gluten Freely – The General Mills gluten-free division, organized & put on their first ever Twitter party to talk all things “holiday”. 

The event started at 1 PM EST and lasted for one hour.  The idea was to share & gather tips & recipes for the upcoming holiday season.  While many of us have been through the holidays gluten-free before, there are just as many, if not more, that haven’t been.  I thought it would be nice to be able to do a short recap of the questions, tips & recipes here for you guys. 

Question #1 – “What is your biggest GF challenge during the holidays & what is your number 1 tip to overcome it?”


  • @MOM4EVEREVER says “knowing and trusting others know what gluten free truely is”
  • @GlutenFreeDude says “As far as holiday parties are concerned, my motto is always "never go hungry and always come with a backups snack just in case!"
  • @GFnadVeg says “My biggest GF challenge during the holidays is that most vegetarian "meats" are made with gluten. No turkey for me :)”
  • @gfreeislife says “Cross contamination. If serving both #gf and non-gf foods, separate & let the #glutenfree ppl serve 1st”
  • @HoldtheGluten says “We bake gluten-free in my kitchen and gluten-filled cookies are baked at the mother in law’s house.”

Question #2 – “Who can link to the best holiday GF recipes for challenging dishes, like stuffing?”


Question #3 – “What are you making for a holiday dessert? Pie? Cookies? Cake?”


  • @holdthegluten says “The peppermint bark I made this weekend is so adorable and tasty!!!
  • @candacki says “probably just fresh fruit :)”
  • @Linda_FB says “a yummy chocolate cake #gf offcourse! “
  • @alexborsuk says “pie. And using @WilliamsSonoma pie shape cutters for the top- looks beautiful!”
  • @gfreefun says “Making my fave #GF peanut butter cookies, featured in "Beyond Rice Cakes" @CeliacPrincess
  • @GFshoestring says “Here’s a recipe for GF Dairy-free fudge. No one even notices it’s DF.

Question #4 – What’s your best holiday tip?


  • @gfreeislife says “My best holiday tip is not to stress – focus on family & friends & time spent together. “
  • @MOM4EVEREVER says “best advice for cooking- check it out, see the labels- know the sources”
  • @mrsvjw says “Plan & make ahead. Map out the cooking schedule, pick dishes that can be prepped ahead of time.”
  • @AnnsTipToes says “Practice moderation and try not to load your plate up with too much”
  • @Alexborsuk says “don’t cheat! not worth feeling crummy. Lots of #gf options available like @udisglutenfree & @PamelasProducts
  • @CappyTweet says “best holiday tip is to make small deadlines. Reward yourself when you meet them.”
  • @celiacprincess says “Best tip… cook delicious food, share it with family and friends”
  • @CeliacExperts says “Best Tip: Don’t be afraid to talk to restaurants about your dietary needs! You’ll be surprised at how accommodating they can be! “

Question #5 – “Do you have kids in school? What’s your tip for keeping them GF at school this time of year?”


  • @MOM4EVEREVER says “they eat leftovers from home hate the meals at school anyway”
  • @GFShoestring says “I try to get myself invited to the class parties – and supply lots of provisions!”
  • @holdthegluten says “Keep in touch w/ the teacher, know what parties are happening, make sure you send in a #glutenfree treat!”
  • @AnnsTipToes says “My kids eat the school lunch! “
  • @candacki says “homeschooling. works wonders 😉 hehe “
  • @CappyTweets says “no. That’s hard because of the cafeteria food. Probably pack them a snack “

Question #6 – What makes a good gluten free pie crust? Anyone have a favorite recipe?


  • @gfreeislife says “Our favorite #gf pie crust is pre-made from @wholefoods or made using crushed #glutenfree cookies 4 a crumb crust”
  • @CeliacResearch says “good #gfree pie crust according to Joyce: I use basic Betty Crocker pie crust recipe & use Bisquick as the flour!”
  • @gfreefun says “Crushed #glutenfree cookies (@glowglutenfree) make a great pie crust.”
  • @celiacprincess says “crush up @glutinofoods pretzels mix with sugar and melted butter. Then Press into pie dish and add filling!”
  • @gfreejanelle says “Crushed @GF_Insider graham crackers and @PamelasProducts recipe both make great pie crusts. “
  • @holdthegluten says “Cinnamon Chex cereal makes an awesome pie crust. So do crushed cookies!”
  • @celiacresearch says “good #gfree pie crust for Bambi: Jules’ GF flour works well in any recipe. Also a round, plastic "pie crust maker."
  • @environmissnlmom says “I love the TJ’s #gf ginger snaps – crush then layer with a Pumpkin Pie blend and whipped toppingfor parfait”
  • @midlife_celiac says “I like the #glutenfree pie crust from @FourChickens

Some random tips:

  • @tastyeatsathome says “Coffee cake, made right in your slow cooker! #gfholiday”
  • @noglu
    tengal says “The recipe for ooey-gooey Rocky Road Bars is AMAZING!”
  • @cup4cup says “you should try our recipe for savory+sweet pies, works out great all the time”
  • @jenncuisine says “here is my GF egg pasta recipe –

As you can see, the Holiday Twitter party was a huge success!  I tried to share a wide variety of tips, advice & recipes above.  However, if you search the hashtag #gfholiday you may be able to find more information.  Additionally, there may be a transcript made available of the entire thing.  If that comes to light, I will make sure to share it with you all. 

Do you have any tips that you care to share?  Questions that we can try to answer for you?

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Kyle Eslick is the founder of Gluten Free Media, as well as the creator of the popular Celiac Support Groups page. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+!

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