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Jan 17 2013 Launches Mobile “Dine GF” App

There are a variety of gluten-free apps available for both iPhone and Android devices.  I don’t really have one that I depend on regularly, but I don’t travel a lot and have lived in Columbus for 28 years.  Did I just type 28 years?  It sure doesn’t seem that long.  Anywho, I can see an app like Dine GF, newly launched by, being very useful for someone who travels a lot or has just moved to a new area.


More about Dine GF:

Now, with the launch of the DINE GLUTEN FREE app foriOS and Android devices, users will be able to access GlutenFreeTravelSite’s helpful reviews when “on the go.” A search by town or zip code on the app’s Search page will reveal a list of businesses reviewed by other people following gluten free diets. One click takes users to the review, where they can also map the business or share the review via social networks. A special reminder service within the DINE GLUTEN FREE app also allows users to save “must try” establishments in areas they’ll be visiting — and then receive an alert on their mobile phone when they’re in close proximity.
Other features of the DINE GLUTEN FREE app include:

  • A list of many restaurant chains that offer Gluten Free Menus, with dedicated pages for each restaurant that contain links to its Gluten Free Menu, locations, Facebook page, and coupons if offered
  • A Submit Review feature which gives users the ability to submit feedback about a restaurant from their smart phone during or immediately after their meal
  • A national Calendar listing upcoming gluten free events, trips, and expos, which users may add to
  • A Forum to share news and ask questions of other gluten free users of the app
  • Push notification alerts when coupons are added to the Coupons section of the app
  • Links to articles from the Gluten Free Travel Blog and GlutenFreeTravelSite’s Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages

Whether users of the DINE GLUTEN FREE app are looking for a new restaurant to try in their area, a safe place to eat on a family vacation, or a venue for dining when traveling on business, they’ll have convenient access to detailed accounts of other people’s gluten free dining experiences. The reliable peer reviews found within the DINE GLUTEN FREE app help steer the gluten community toward the most accommodating places to stay, dine, and shop so they’ll never again feel limited or deprived when eating out.
For more details about GlutenFreeTravelSite, originally launched in 2008, and the new DINE GLUTEN FREE app, please see the Press Release.

Warm regards,
Karen Broussard
Founder and President, GlutenFreeTravelSite

I just downloaded the new app, (it is FREE!) and am excited to begin using it.  I played around with it a little and did find some good recommendations in our area, though there are many more that aren’t listed yet.  I love that it has the option to add reviews as I find new places so that I can keep a record for myself and share with others.

Do you use any mobile apps to find gluten-free grocery stores or restaurants?  Which ones?

Editing to add to please call to verify the restaurant is still in operation before going.  I had a reader contact me to let me know that a restaurant in her area that has been closed for 2+ years was listed.

Article Written by:

Kyle Eslick is the founder of Gluten Free Media, as well as the creator of the popular Celiac Support Groups page. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+!


  1. Thanks, Kim, for helping us to spread the word about our new DINE GLUTEN FREE app. We would indeed love some of your reviews from the Columbus area! Your feedback (even if it’s brief) helps so many others newly diagnosed, new to the area, or traveling there.

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