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Nov 18 2009

Help Spread the Word about Gluten-free Options in Your Area

More and more restaurants are offering gluten-free menus or gluten-free dishes these days. It’s really amazing that things keep changing for the better. The thing that I find strange about the situation is that many places that offer gluten-free menu choices don’t reach out to celiac or gluten-free support groups so that the right people know about their offerings.

Recently this has happened several times in the Atlanta area. When our own Anne Steib was visiting Atlanta a couple of months ago, she enjoyed gluten-free crepes at Crepe Revolution and pizza at Blue Moon Pizza. Both of these places happen to be in the same shopping center and there is a Five Guys there also. That means there are three places in one center that offer great gluten-free meals. The many Five Guys locations in the area have been a favorite dining choice for our community for over a year now. Still, it took Anne coming here from Chicago and telling me about the other two places before most of the gluten-free set knew about them.

One dinner club post by me about the crepe and pizza places, including Anne’s great review of them, led to each place getting new and repeat business in a heartbeat. The fact that so many restaurants with gluten-free options don’t tell local support groups about them indicates they don’t know such groups exist. If that is true, why are they making gluten-free menu items in the first place? They need gluten-free business in order to continue offering special items as many are buying expensive ingredients like gluten-free pasta or flour.

So, this post is a call for people who know about gluten-free menus or dishes in restaurants in their area to make sure the restaurants have reached out to the local support group, assuming such a groups exist in your area. Word of mouth advertising is the best you can have in our community so let’s all make sure the places we know about are known about by others. Let’s help the restaurants trying to cater to our market since some of them clearly don’t know how to help themselves make the most of their gluten-free opportunities.

Special thanks to Anne for sharing the news about Blue Moon Pizza and Crepe Revolution! You actually changed one of my friend’s lives in a very positive way since Blue Moon used to be her favorite gluten pizza joint. When she suggested to them they offer gluten-free pizza, they were not interested. Skip two years ahead and they now have gluten-free cheesy bread, pizza and desserts. I guess in the case of Blue Moon Pizza – what a difference two years makes!

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Kyle Eslick is the founder of Gluten Free Media, as well as the creator of the popular Celiac Support Groups page. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+!


  1. Anne Steib says:

    I am glad your friend is able to enjoy her favorite pizza again! That was my first time having Blue Moon, and I must say, it is now my favorite of all of the gluten-free pizzas I have tried! Yummy!!

  2. Jennifer Harris - Program Chair Atlanta Metro Celiacs says:

    In Blue Moon Pizza’s case, they actually started looking for and offering gluten-free pizzas to meet the needs of their current customers who were recently diagnosed. While a lot of restaurants are jumping on the gluten-free band wagon, more of them are adding gluten-free offerings to their menu because they actually ‘get it’. They want to help current customers, so they don’t think to look locally for support groups or other people who follow the gluten-free diet.. While they are happy to get more business, they actually don’t need it to maintain their gluten-free offerings.

    Thanks to Anne for sharing the information and adding a new restaurant to my rotation. The cheesy bread at Blue Moon is just phenomenal.

  3. Tiffany Janes says:

    I guess the request by only one die hard Blue Moon customer was not enough to get them to offer gluten-free pizza. Kind of odd I think, since she went in there about once a week when she ate gluten. Many restaruants need business due to the economy and that is why they are offering gluten-free options. At least many of the ones I’ve spoken to are doing it for that reason. It’s great if they ‘get it’ and really unfortunate when they don’t.

  4. basketc says:

    Grande Ranch in Wooster, Ohio has great gluten-free pizza…and three kinds of gluten-free beer too!

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