Helping Children Understand Celiac - Celiac Disease
Dec 5 2010

Helping Children Understand Celiac

Breaking the news to your child that their life is about to drastically change can be a tough challenge. Older children may be able to understand Celiac Disease and the gluten-free diet a bit more, but finding a good way to talk to younger children can be tricky. Katie Chalmers helps make it a little easier with her new book titled “Mommy, What is Celiac Disease?”. Chalmers not only talks about Celiac in terms that are easier for young kids to understand, but she stresses that keeping a positive attitude is key.

In addition to books, finding a R.O.C.K (Raising our Celiac Kids) support group can help too. Involve your kids, no matter what their age, in reading labels and making food that is safe for them to eat. Sure, getting your child to try new foods may be tough, but kids are more likely to have the motivation to try that new food if they helped prepare it.

Now, some fun stuff. Katie Chalmers has set up an amazing giveaway that runs through December 15, 2010 to win a prize full of gluten-free goodies and a signed copy of her new book! How do you enter? Click here to read more about the contest and follow the directions to enter. There are 10 bloggers participating in hosting this giveaway, which means there will be 10 prizes given out (1 per blog). See a picture below of the awesome goodies that are included:

If you have a child with Celiac Disease, how did you help them understand what it is and what the diet entails?

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