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Nov 19 2009

Holiday Gluten-free Events in the Atlanta Area

This is a busy time of year for most of us. It can also be stressful to be around so much food we can’t eat at various functions we’re expected to attend. Going to holiday office lunches or corporate parties can be quite challenging – though it can be done successfully in many cases. Add to that family holiday get-togethers, and some people start to wish is was already January. Then all the stress and angst about staying gluten-free through the holidays would be over. No one should have to feel that way and in the ATL – no one has to!   

Sally Parrott Ashbrook is living deliciously in the Atlanta area with multiple food intolerances. She writes a delightfully insightful blog, Aprovechar, about her amazing journey back to health. Because Sally doesn’t believe anyone should go without great tasting food, no matter what foods they can’t eat, she is helping others to learn how to work around whatever obstacles get in their way when it comes to enjoying great, healthy food. Check out Sally’s website to find out about her wonderful holiday cooking classes right here in Atlanta. At least one of the events is sold out already, but several spots are still open for various classes.

The Atlanta Gluten-Free Dinner Club is having their annual GF Goodie Swap at the Roswell, GA Outback Steakhouse on Dec. 5th. The event runs from 2 pm to 3:30 and the cost to attend is $5 for adults and $1 for kids. Attendees must join the group to attend the event, but there is now no fee to join the group. The group’s  special guest is the owner of American Grafrutti, Marilyn Santulli. She is bringing some of her incredible gluten-free treats for us to sample. There are no trans fats present in these products and some of them are also dairy-free!

At Return to Eden, also on Dec. 5th, Dr Joe Esposito will be doing a gluten-free/vegan cooking demo from 1-2 pm. You can check the store website for more details. Two flavors of the fabulous Shabtai Gourmet gluten-free roll cakes are on sale are Return to Eden for $2 off right now! These cakes freeze really well and you can actually cut them frozen quite easily. Just let the frozen cut peice of cake sit out about an hour and it’s good to go. These fruit roll cakes are a lovely addtion to a holiday brunch. No glutenoid would ever guess they are gluten-free. They are that fabulous!  

Last but not least, the Middle Georgia GIG support group is hosting a gluten-free cookie exchange on Dec. 12th, at the Outback Steakhouse in Warner Robbins, GA. Obviously, this is not an Atlanta area event but since some of our readers are from that area, we want to make sure they know about this fun event. Check the group’s website for details.   

The holidays are officially upon us so let’s all eat gluten-free, drink and be merry in the ATL! Feel free to post a comment about events in your area (or here) if you know of any.    

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Kyle Eslick is the founder of Gluten Free Media, as well as the creator of the popular Celiac Support Groups page. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+!

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