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Jun 6 2014

Hot Head Burritos Gluten-Free Options

Hot Head Burritos was founded in 2007 by Cynthia Wiley and Raymond Wiley. It quickly became a top competitor in the “Quick Serve Mexican” category and has 55 locations in six different states, with the majority being located in Ohio. One of the best things about Mexican restaurants is that it is often easy to eat gluten-free by simply eliminating the flour tortilla option and having a chat with the staff preparing your food. Of course there may be other menu items that contain gluten, which is why it is always important to ask.

Hot Head Burritos has a wide variety of options that are gluten-free, though like some of the other comparable restaurants, not all of their protein options are gluten-free. The pork, taco meat, beans, rice, chips, taco shells, peppers, salsa and toppings are gluten-free.  Stay clear of the steak, chicken, barbacoa, spicy sauce, flour tortilla and cookies.

HotHead Nachos


Take a look at these Nachos with Taco Meat and Queso!  Don’t they look delicious? They are gluten-free! Check the Hot Head Burritos website to find the location closest to you.

Have you dined gluten-free at Hot Head Burritos? What did you have to eat?

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