How Does Celiac Disease Cause Infertility? - Celiac Disease
Sep 5 2008

How Does Celiac Disease Cause Infertility?

Have you ever wondered how Celiac Disease can cause infertility?   Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease, inherited through family and eight per cent of the women are affected by celiac disease and infertility.

Celiac disease and infertility causes the menstrual cycle to be an on again off again thing. Unfortunately, under those conditions, it may take longer to become pregnant, if at all, since a gluten free diet may bring on the menstrual cycle earlier and menopause earlier. Not abiding by a gluten free diet may prevent you from becoming pregnant but may also prevent you from carrying the fetus to full term.

Many health concerns aer experienced by a woman with celiac disease and infertility but those two words do not have to be put together in the same sentence.

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