Indian Dinner by Trader Joe's
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Jun 30 2011

Indian Dinner by Trader Joe's

Indian is one of those foods that are pretty safe for those with celiac.  Of course not everything is 100% gluten-free, but there are many more naturally gluten-free options than other cuisines.

Trader Joe’s carries many frozen and shelf-stable Indian foods, from appetizers to simmering sauces. And with Indian being one of my favorite cuisines, they make a great choice for a quick meal.

Many of Trader Joe’s Indian items are also vegetarian, which is a huge bonus for my family, but meat can easily be added to the simmering sauces, and there are some frozen, meat choices.

There were a couple of new items I noticed this week that came straight from India.  Most of them looked gluten-free, but on this visit, I only bought the one labeled as gluten-free. I have found at Trader Joe’s that some items will not be labeled, or on their gluten-free list, but is still actually gluten-free.  I was excited to see that finally there is an appetizer, dosas, that are gluten-free.  Previously, they only carried samosas, which don’t work if you cannot eat gluten.  Dosas are a staple in southern indian cuisine, and is a filled pancake made with rice and lentil flour.  The ones from Trader Joes were filled with potato and onion, and came with a small packet of coconut chutney to be used on the side.

We easily had a hearty meal of organic brown rice, Masala Dosa, Paneer Tikka Masala (which is Indian cheese in a creamy tomato sauce), and Channa Masala (which is chick peas in a flavorful tomato sauce with cilantro and other spices).  For a frozen meal it was great, and plenty of food for our family of three.  I felt a little bad cheating by preparing a dinner by microwave, but it all tasted really good.  I was most pleasantly surprised by the Masala Dosa since this was my first time having it.  For these, I did bake them in the oven according to direction, and they were really tasty.  Flavorful, but not spicy hot.  I am a spice wimp, but all of these dishes had enough heat to make them flavorful and when served with the rice it wasn’t too hot that I couldn’t handle it, and I have a pretty low tolerance. The dosas were a nice alternative to the naan we can no longer enjoy.

The Paneer Tikka Masala and the Channa Masala are in easily microwavable containers that also make it easy for a lunch at the office.  They also made great hors d’oeuvres for a recent book group I attended, of which the book was based in India.  Being naturally gluten-free, everyone enjoyed and no one felt they were missing out on anything.

It is so nice to know that for a quick meal on those days we don’t have hours to spend in the kitchen, Trader Joe’s has interesting and quick meals full of flavor.


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Anne is a self-proclaimed foodie who loves eating out as much as cooking for friends. Since being diagnosed with celiac, she has been determined to not let it put a damper on her food adventures, and to raise awareness among the general public. Anne recently moved from Chicago to Atlanta and is enjoying exploring the gluten-free wonders in her new city. Follow Anne on Twitter and Google+!

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