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Dec 4 2009

Is Bacon Gluten-free?

Here is some very good news for bacon lovers – there are a ton of brands of bacon that are gluten-free! Many people who are health conscious avoid nitrates which are present in many bacons, but overly health conscious people are generally not eating a lot – if any – bacon in the first place. Nitrates, by the way, are gluten-free.

Jones Dairy Farm labels their bacon, Canadian bacon and sausages gluten-free. Applegate Farms labels their gluten-free items as well. Wellshire Farms has an extensive list of gluten-free bacons, which are also labeled gluten-free. Because Jones Dairy Farm products are also MSG free, their products are staples in our house.  This crustless quiche recipe from Jones Dairy Farm is excellent and easy to make! One of the best things about the company is that they went to the trouble of getting their products certified gluten-free.

For the record, MSG – or monosodium glutamate – is gluten-free. Many people avoid it for health reasons which have nothing to do with gluten intolerance. We will cover MSG in detail in an upcoming post, because so many people have asked about it’s safety.

Excerpts from Jones Dairy Farm website:

We’re certified!  Jones Dairy Farm will begin displaying the Gluten Free Food Certification (GFCO) logo on more than 100 products.

Jones has a 120-year heritage of producing a wide variety of quality, gluten-free products. From all natural sausage and Canadian bacon to hams, traditional bacon and braunschweiger, these are products that can be served with confidence and are a delicious addition to any gluten-free diet.

More mainstream bacon brands that have gluten-free options are Oscar Mayer, Hormel and Smiths. All varieties of Smiths bacons are gluten-free. Store brands that offer some gluten-free bacon are WalMart’s Value Brand, Publix, Hy-Vee, Safeway and Kroger. Check your local grocer’s website to see if their bacon is gluten-free. The only one of those that I know is labeled gluten-free is the Great Value brand. At least in the past it has been labeled that way. WalMart wants everyone’s business so they go out of their way to label everything they sell that is gluten-free as such.

Jennie-O turkey bacon is gluten-free. Ready-to-Eat bacon from Oscar Mayer and Publix are gluten-free. Some other brands of cooked bacon might be as well. Another bacon related product that is gluten-free is Baconaise. This is kind of like mayonnaise, with less fat and calories. There is even a low fat version of Baconaise. Since we’re not big fans of mayo, we’ve never tried Baconaise but after it was featured on Oprah last year, the company’s website literally crashed. Baconaise is quite the sensation for people who love mayonnaise and bacon.

When dining out, you need to ask about the gluten-free status of both bacon and sausage. Typically speaking, sausage is more likely to contain gluten than bacon. Here is a recent article from that lists many national restaurants, including the gluten-free items they offer.

Have a question about the gluten-free diet which we haven’t covered yet?  You can now submit your questions here! (Note: All medical questions should be directed to your physician.)

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Kyle Eslick is the founder of Gluten Free Media, as well as the creator of the popular Celiac Support Groups page. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+!


  1. Bonnie Kimple says:

    Is premium quality private selection natural uncured bacon hickory smoked gluten free bacon?

  2. Marilyn Groneman says:

    I know that maltodextrin is out in bacon, but the Bacon I had this morning didn’t have it and I still got contaminated. What else should I be looking for?

  3. Melba White says:

    I was told by a waitress that their restaurant’s bacon was not gluten free because it came from the vendor with flour between the strips to keep them from sticking together. Does anyone have experience with this?

    • Melba,

      I have not experienced any issues with eating bacon in restaurants. I have never heard that until you mentioned it. Perhaps questioning the chef/manager of each establishment can help put your mind at ease?


  4. Patsy Bertolucci says:

    Since I was diagnosed with Celiacs Disease, I didn’t think I would miss having bread in my diet because I had never been a bread eater. Holy cow! Was I wrong! But I have tried a couple of gluten free breads. Yuck! You pay $5-$6 a loaf and if it is awful, you may as well have just flushed that money down the toilet. Can you give me some advice on breads, please?? Thanks a lot! I would love to have a piece of toast! Patsy

    • Christina says:

      We bought a bread maker with a gluten free setting and make Bob’s Red Mill wonderful bread mix for our toast. Gluten free bread will always be different but toasted we like it.

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