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Nov 3 2011

Jules Gluten Free Launches 2nd Annual Cookie Swap

Do you like cookies?  What about holiday cookies?  One of my favorite times of the year is Thanksgiving & Christmas.  I love spending time with my family, but I also love cookies.  Last year Jules Gluten Free held their 1st Annual Cookie Swap.  I made Almond Cranberry Bites as my “swap” and really enjoyed browsing through the other entries.

I think the part I most enjoy about the cookie swap is finding new recipes to make & share with my family.  I love tradition and don’t normally like change, but I see nothing wrong with adding new cookies to my favorites that I make every year.  Please continue to read below for more information from Jules:

You might have heard the whispers already, but we can all shout about it now (and I hope you will!): The Second Annual Gluten Free Cookie Swap has launched! Between now and December 30, the contest is open for Gluten-Free-ers to post their favorite cookie recipes to share in the spirit of the season, and to enter to win some truly incredible prizes!

Here’s how it works and why you will want to enter your favorite recipe(s) as soon as possible. You post a photo of your cookie & the recipe or a link to the recipe on your blog all in the same Facebook Posting on http://facebook.com/GlutenFreeCookieSwap. Because you’re posting a photo with the recipe, the entire posting is banked in the PHOTOS tab on the page. Anytime anyone searches for a gluten-free cookie recipe, all they have to do is scroll through the photo album, click on the photo they like, and print the recipe! (It’s also a great way to introduce yourself to new gluten-free cookie bakers!).


The recipes will stay up year-round, but the contest ends December 30. The 5 recipes with the most “likes” win awesome prizes!


The Grand Prize is worth $850 and includes:


The newest KitchenAid® stand mixer – the monster 7Qt mixer!

A year’s supply of Earth Balance® products & beautiful bamboo cutting board!

$75 worth of Chicago Metallic® bakeware!

5 pounds of Enjoy Life Foods® Chocolate Chips!

$82 worth of gluten-free flour, oats, mixes & e-cookbooks!

The 4 runners-up get $143 of sweet baking goodies too!

So, the sooner you get your recipe(s) posted, the more time folks (including all your followers & friends!) have to come and “like” them! Implore your readers to vote for your recipes, and encourage them to post their recipes too – the more recipes shared, the more options we all have for making happy holiday goodies!


Hop over, have a look & start sharing recipes!!! The clock starts now!


Happy Cookie-ing!!!

PS – Twitter hashtag #GFCookieSwap.

If you are really ambitious, continue the fun by taking this one step further with your local support group, family & friends.  Host a cookie swap and have each guest bring their favorite holiday cookie & recipe to share.  Everyone will leave with a nice sampling of gluten-free cookies & the recipes to go along with them.

Do you have a favorite holiday cookie?  Do you plan on participating in the cookie swap?  Time to get my apron on & start letting my butter come to room temperature.  Let the holiday cookie baking commence!

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Kyle Eslick is the founder of Gluten Free Media, as well as the creator of the popular Celiac Support Groups page. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+!

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