Keeping Gluten-Free & Allergy Kids Safe - Celiac Disease
Mar 21 2013

Keeping Gluten-Free & Allergy Kids Safe

I was fortunate that Jon was already 10 years old when he was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  This made eating at school and other places away from home much easier – not necessarily in food availability, but with Jon being able to say that he couldn’t have food that contains gluten.  I shudder to think about sending a younger child off to daycare or school with Celiac Disease or a severe food allergy, but when I was watching the news the other day, I saw these really cool shirts that can help let adults know what not to feed these kids. 



The shirts, designed by comedienne and reality television show star, Kym Whitley, are available for $10 each on her website –  Along with the shirts, Whitley and her co-creator, Rodney Van Johnson, are also selling clear bags that have the same "Don’t Feed Me" warning on the sides that can hold Benadryl, Epi-Pens (epinephrine injectors) and other allergy aids.  The shirts are available in sizes 12M to 4T and come in four different colors – grey, red, blue and orange

I love the simplicity behind this idea!  No need to worry if notes about your child’s food sensitivities can’t be found – simply check the shirt!  Of course there is still the issue of a food being given to your child with one of the offending ingredients being in it, but hopefully the caregivers can follow the “When in doubt, go without!” rule of thumb. 

Do you have a young child who has to avoid gluten and/or other allergens?  How do you let their caregivers know

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