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Jan 28 2012

Keeping Warm with Kettle Cuisine

While the weather this winter seems to be much milder than those of the recent past, it is still nice to have a nice, warm bowl of soup on a chilly day.  Kettle Cuisine has 10 varieties of single-serve, frozen soups to help keep you warm.  More about Kettle Cuisine:

Kettle Cuisine is an independent, artisan soup maker that has cooked uncompromised soup since 1986 by treating food the way it’s supposed to be treated at every step of the way – sourcing the best natural ingredients, preparing each ingredient properly and with painstaking attention to detail, and never adding anything unnecessary or artificial.

Our Core Values

  • Feed people the best soup possible – every time.
  • Source the best tasting, highest-quality ingredients we can find.
  • Stay true to our core culinary ideals – no shortcuts.
  • Promote and support the well being of all of the great people on our team.
  • Remain honest and transparent in everything that we do.
  • Minimize our environmental impact as much as we can.
  • Make a lasting positive impact on our local community and the fight against hunger.


All of the Kettle Cuisine soups are gluten-free; some varieties may also be dairy-free, vegetarian and/or low fat.  The different varieties include:

Angus beef steak chili with beans – GF, DF

Chicken chili with white beans – GF

Chicken soup with rice noodles – GF, DF, LF

New England clam chowder – GF

Organic mushroom and potato – GF, V

Roasted vegetable – GF, V, DF

Southwest chicken and corn chowder – GF

Thai curry chicken soup –GF, DF

Three bean chili – GF, V, DF

Tomato soup with garden vegetables – GF, DF, V

We received samples of the Angus beef steak chili with beans, chicken chili with white beans, New England clam chowder, roasted vegetable, Thai curry chicken soup and tomato soup with garden vegetables.  Jon made sure to let me know that he wanted to have the chili and use it over tortilla chips for nachos.  He loved it!  The chili had a great texture and flavor with a nice kick to it!  The other varieties were equally as tasty with my favorite being the New England clam chowder.  I love clam chowder an I forgot just how much until I had this soup.  A fun meal idea is to try the Thai curry chicken soup over a cup of brown rice.  There is no skimping of ingredients with these soups – each spoonful contains a little bit of everything.

Kettle Cuisine soups can be found in your grocer’s natural food freezer in the US and now Canada too!  Click here to find the location nearest you that carries Kettle Cuisine.  Have you tried Kettle Cuisine soups?  Which is your favorite?

***These soups were provided free of charge for review purposes.  The opinions stated here are mine and have not been influenced by anyone or anything.

Article Written by:

Kyle Eslick is the founder of Gluten Free Media, as well as the creator of the popular Celiac Support Groups page. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+!


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