Kiss My Face Gluten-Free Products - Celiac Disease
Feb 28 2012

Kiss My Face Gluten-Free Products

Health & beauty products can sometimes be a hidden source of gluten, especially for those new to the gluten-free diet.  I know that I didn’t think about my shampoo, soap & lotion being gluten-free when I first started the diet.  Now that I know better, I am a lot more cognizant of the products that I use, especially if they will come in contact with my hands or mouth.  There are others who suffer from dermatitis herpetiformis, which is an itchy, bumpy rash that is associated with Celiac Disease.  These people need to avoid skin contact with gluten as well.


Kiss My Face offers a variety of gluten-free products:

  • Moisture Shave ($4.99) – Pomegranate grapefruit, Green Tea and Bamboo, Fragrance Free, Patchouli, Lavender & Shea, Cool Mint & Key Lime
  • Self Foaming Soaps ($7.95) – Grapefruit & bergamot, Lavender & Chamomile, Lemon & Ginger and Rosemary & Melon
  • Bath & Shower Gel ($10.95) – Cardamom Mint, Mandarin Ginger Lily, Early to Rise (Wild mint & citrus), Active Athletic (Birch & eucalyptus), Cold & Flu (Eucalyptus & menthol), Early to Bed (Clove & ylang ylang) and Silky Soft (Lavender & lily)
  • Aloe Vera Oral Car Toothpaste ($5.99) – Triple action, Whitening, Anti Cavity, Natural Sensitive and Tartar control
  • Breath Blast Mouthwash ($9.95) – Spearmint Breath Blast and Anti Cavity Spearmint Breath Blast

More about Kiss My Face:

Kiss My Face is no newcomer to the green marketplace. KISS was founded by Bob Macleod and Steve Byckiewicz 30 years ago on a 200 acre farm in New York’s beautiful Hudson River Valley.

It was the dawn of the 1980’s. A couple of (very) young vegetarians are living happily in an ancient house on an organic farm that was used as a hospital during the Revolutionary war. One night in front of a crackling fire, a light goes off and the two modestly decide to revolutionize the cosmetic industry. Lofty plans with loads of creativity and style are created. The Kiss My Face natural body care company is born, starting with some big, ugly, green bars of soap from Greece. But there is absolutely no money…the stage is set for a business disaster.

The boys load the soap and some organic squash from their garden into their aging VW and head to NYC, all the way hoping the proverbial door won’t be slammed in their faces…it isn’t! Retailers offer overwhelming support, think the olive soaps are beautiful, buy the squash and even buy them lunch occasionally. The boys are smiling.

Fast forward to today. The VW was traded in for a hybrid but the boys still have their youthful enthusiasm. Now, with a successful line of over 200 bath and body products sold in over 19 countries worldwide, KISS has become a respected leader in natural body care. We’ve gotcha covered from head to toe…with a few stops in between!

We received a few of the Kiss My Face gluten-free products to sample: Moisture shave, bath & shower gel and self-foaming soaps.  First up, the shaving lotion.  We were sent the cool mint version, which had a very pleasant & relaxing aroma to it.  I am usually very rushed when I shave my legs, but I seemed to slow down & relax and take my time since the smell was so pleasant.  My legs were very soft, even without added lotion, when I got out of the shower.  Next up, shower gel.  We tried the Early to Bed (Clove & ylang ylang) shower gel.  At first I was unsure if I liked the scent of this shower gel, but after a couple of days it grew on me.  Last up, foaming hand soap.  I loved the lavender & chamomile foaming hand soap!  I found myself looking for reasons to wash my hands once I could no longer smell the refreshing scent!

Kiss My Face products are available in stores across the US (like Target & Walmart) and online.  If you spend more than $50 online, standard shipping is free!  I am looking forward to trying some of the other products like the Active Athletic shower gel & the Key Lime moisture shave.  Have you tried Kiss My Face products?  If so, which ones are your favorites?

***The products reviewed in this blog were sent to me free of charge for review purposes.  The opinions stated here are mine and have not been influenced by anyone or anything.

Article Written by:

Kyle Eslick is the founder of Gluten Free Media, as well as the creator of the popular Celiac Support Groups page. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+!


  1. Dani Bollettieri says:

    A few months, I spent some time on the phone with 2 customer service women and they could only verify that a sunscreen stick was gluten free. They were going to check on a few products regarding the vitamin E sources because they both had different information.

    The products that you mentioned were not even suggested to me.

    I will have to call again and possibly give them another try.
    It would be nice to have some new products in our house to use.


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