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Sep 5 2011

Larabar Introduces New Flavor: Chocolate Chip Cherry Torte

How do you feel about Larabars?  If you haven’t tried them, you are really missing out.  Larabars are one of my favorite snacks to keep on hand in my purse or gym bag.  While they don’t contain as much protein as some of the other bars on the market, they also don’t melt or tend to be as fragile, either.

Larabars don’t have a long list of ingredients –  some have as few as 3 or 4, while some of the others have a few more.  The one thing about the ingredients is that they are always easy to read and pronounce.


Earlier this year Larabar introduced the new Blueberry Muffin Larabar.  Now the new bar is Chocolate Chip Cherry Torte.  I, for one, happen to love the combination of chocolate & cherries, so I can see loving this new bar.  The ingredients are dates, chocolate chips, almonds, cherries, cashews & sea salt.  Even the chocolate chips (Fair Trade certified) have very few ingredients: unsweetened chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter & vanilla. The new bar has 190 calories, 8 grams of fat, 3 grams of fiber & 3 grams of protein.  Perfect to get over that afternoon slump!  I love the mini-Larabars for quick, small snacks to hold me over if lunch or dinner is delayed. The mini bars have 90-100 calories per bar and come in Apple Pie, Cherry Pie and Cashew Cookie.

Have you ever wondered why the packaging for the chocolate chip varieties doesn’t include the dairy-free, soy-free or vegan claims?  I had been thinking about this and I was please to see that the FAQ section answered the question:

Though the vast majority of chocolate chips in the world are made with dairy, soy or both, we specifically asked our supplier to provide us with chocolate chips which are Vegan — containing no dairy.  While no dairy or soy is used to make our chocolate chips, they are made on a line which also produces chocolate chips made with dairy and soy. Due to possible cross-contact between types of chocolate chips made at the facility, the chips we use may contain trace amounts of dairy or soy from those other chips, thus we cannot claim these chocolate chip flavors are Dairy Free, Soy Free or Vegan.

Larabars can be found in stores across the country or online.  I have even seen them in the candy aisle of my grocery store, which makes me smile.   Do you have a favorite Larabar flavor?

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