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May 6 2010

Mama Mimi's Offering Gluten-free Take & Bake Pizza

Mama Mimi’s started to offer gluten-free take & bake pizza at the end of April 2010. Mama Mimi’s founder, Jeff Aufdenkamp, says that when his customers ask for something, they find a way to give it to them! Well, they are certainly doing that by having “Gluten-free Thursdays” at all Mama Mimi’s locations. It all started out with a few requests 10 years ago for gluten-free pizza. Then customers began bringing in their pizza dough for Mama Mimi’s to put their toppings on.

Mama Mimi’s will not be making the pizza dough in-house, but getting it from French Meadow Bakery. Getting the dough from an outside source lessens the chance of cross contamination. Why French Meadow Bakery? French Meadow Bakery is organic and certified to be gluten-free by the GFCO. How will Mama Mimi’s make sure that there is not contamination from the regular pizza dough? They will be using designated gluten-free sauce, utensils and containers.  Additionally, the staff will change their gloves between making the regular pizzas & gluten-free pizzas. Special training for staff members took place on April 20, 2010.

Because Mama Mimi’s prides itself on fresh ingredients, gluten-free pizzas will only be available on Thursdays. The once weekly shipment from French Meadow Bakery is what this decision was based on. Mama Mimi’s wants your pizza to be fresh & taste the best it can, not like it has been sitting around for several days. The pizzas are the same size as Mama Mimi’s small pizzas and are roughly 10.5 inches in diameter. They will sell for only $2.00 more than the regular small pizzas.

What about toppings? Mama Mimi’s has over 40 fresh toppings that can be added to the gluten-free pizzas! That is a lot of toppings! This includes the Primo Vegetarian pizza with baby spinach, broccoli, Roma tomatoes and artichoke hearts and the Pepperoni Trio, Rajun Cajun, Moltansanti and many more. There are only a handful of toppings/ingredients that do have gluten at Mama Mimi’s. (The pesto sauce does contain nuts, but no gluten). Those ingredients are:

  • Bleu Cheese
  • Sausage
  • Meatballs
  • White Sauce (Creamy Roasted Garlic Alfredo)
  • Tiramisu
  • Almond Cake
  • Chocolate Chunk Cookies
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Lasagna Noodles

In addition to pizzas, Mama Mimi’s also has an impressive salad menu. Mama Mimi’s makes all of their dressings from scratch. Beware of the croutons on the Caesar salad, but the rest of the salads are free of gluten.

If you can’t make it in to Mama Mimi’s on Thursdays, no worries, you can bring your gluten-free crust in and they are happy to top it with the gluten-free toppings of your choice.

Mama Mimi’s is currently located in Ohio with 5 locations in Columbus and 1 in Dayton.

Article Written by:

Kimberly Bouldin is a gluten-free wife, runner & blogger with two children in Columbus, Ohio. After her celiac diagnosis in 2006, she has made it her mission to embrace an entirely new approach to nutrition in a gluten-free world, exploring options that run the gamut from "made from scratch" homemade bread to sampling and reviewing the gluten-free prepared foods that are continuously being introduced to the market. While navigating the waters of becoming gluten-free, Kim shares her experiences and passes along valuable product reviews in addition to helping other moms of celiac kids develop healthy menus that are kid-friendly and palatable. Kimberly is a valuable resource for those who are newly diagnosed, as well as for the more seasoned gluten-free veterans. Follow Kim on Twitter!


  1. Bob Maynard says:

    This story is at least half a decade out of date and, not surprisingly, dead wrong. It should be removed.
    Mama Mimi’s delicious artisinal gluten-free pizza crusts actually are provided by our local allergy-friendly bakery, Soodles Bake Shop. Soodles’ pizza crusts and all other products are free of gluten, dairy, egg, fish, shellfish, soy, peanuts, tree nuts except coconut and sesame. Soodles is a brick & mortar bakery at 14 Dillmont Dr., Columbus 43235. (614) 356-7090. See for hours and product information.


  1. Betty White, Mother’s Day & Weekly Menu Plan « Gluten-free is Life says:

    […] Mama Mimi’s is now offering take & bake pizza on Thursdays! […]

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