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May 21 2011

Mike’s Lite Hard Lemonade & Cranberry Lemonade –Gluten-Free?

Possible big gluten-free news on the Mike’s Hard Lemonade front – Mike’s Lite Hard Lemonade & Mike’s Lite Cranberry Lemonade are both gluten-free!  These are the first 2 drinks in the Mike’s line of adult beverages that may be gluten-free.  I went to investigate further to see what ingredients were being used in place of the barley malt.  More information from Mike’s website:

mike’s lite hard lemonade® is new and on the loose. It has a crisp, light and refreshing taste— and it’s bursting with invigorating, all-natural flavors and sweeteners, but with even fewer calories than the leading light beer*. And it’s gluten-free. This stuff’s not your regular run-of-the-mill lemonade. So crowd your fridge with flavor by stocking up on some mike’s lite hard lemonade® and mike’s lite hard cranberry lemonade®.

The only information I have found on Mike’s website indicate that the beverages are “malt beverages”, which I have also been told were not gluten-free.  I did find this information concerning the malt beverages that Mike’s manufactures:

Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co. products available in the US are made with a premium malt base (fermented barley and hops like traditional beer) that is then further processed using a highly specialized, multi-stage filtration process. Highly sensitive tests from an independent lab analysis indicate that mike’s® products do not contain any traces of gluten protein (including hordein).

I am not sure how I feel about that.  Is this going to be similar to the McDonald’s French fry issue where gluten is found in the flavoring, but not when the product is tested?  I would like to know which labs are performing these tests before I relax with an ice cold Mike’s Lite Hard Lemonade.  I have sent an email to the company to try to gather further information.  I will make sure to pass it along when I hear back.  In the meantime, consider enjoying these other gluten-free alcoholic beverages:

  • wine
  • hard cider (Woodchuck’s, Crispin)
  • gluten-free beer (Redbridge, Bard’s, etc)
  • complete list

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  1. Kim–FYI, Kate Chan got all excited about the “gluten-free” Mike’s Lite Hard Lemonade, too. Then she posted this update:


    That was enough for me to know not even to try them.


  2. Tiffany Janes says:

    I had several ot the Lite Lemonades over the weekend with no issues except they are sweetened with something that I don’t care for the taste of. I’m calling the company this week and hope to find out that other non-lite items are also gf so I can try those too.

  3. teresa says:

    I loved this stuff before I had to go GF…missed it for years. I am not a wine drinker, total beer nut, but Mike’s gave me something different when desired. Well, I have drank numerous lite Mike’s and have been thrilled. I was tested for Celiac’s two years ago and was diagnosed as not having it, yet, but told I am 10 times more likely than the general population to develop it in the next few years. So, I went GF and have benefited from it greatly. I am also lactose intolerant and cannot eat chicken eggs. I am highly sensitive to gluten and Mike’s Lite has been fine for me. I just wish it was little higher in alcohol content as the regular.

  4. Patricia says:

    Mike’s Lite Hard Cranberry Lemonade Cider used to carry a label on the carton as gluten-free. It is no longer on there. Does anyone know why it was deleted?

  5. shar rice says:

    I need help finding a liquor store or grocery store that has lite
    cranberry lemonade.. I live in Chico, calif. I have checked with
    distibutors & they have no clue about this product??
    Please respond to me:


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