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Apr 12 2010

New Gluten-free Options at zpizza in Atlanta

The news of Pizza Fusion closing last month was sad for our local community. Though there are other gluten-free pizza options in town, the most popular places for pizza are OTP (outside the perimeter). Because zpizza is seriously committed to offering special items to their growing gluten-free customer base, they are tweaking their gluten-free menu once again.

Starting last week, the two Metro Atlanta zpizza locations started offering gluten-free pasta again. They started gluten-free sandwich service a while back in Alpharetta and last week in Duluth. I was invited in for a taste test of the new gluten-free bread. Considering it was served in a cold turkey sandwich, the bread was pretty tasty. I warmed some of it up later and it was even better, as most gluten-free breads are.

One of the most shocking things about the sandwich bread – or roll – at zpizza is that it’s absolutely huge. Of course, I’m comparing it to something like Udi’s sliced bread.  The only time I’ve seen something this size in a restaurant that was gluten-free was at Risotteria. Their focaccia sandwich is similar to the size of the zpizza sandwich bread.  The roll at zpizza is not too thick, which makes for a much better sandwich overall.

The gluten-free pasta at zpizza is excellent and that has a lot to do with the sauces they make to go in the pasta dishes. All the pasta sauces are gluten-free. The pesto is my favorite and adding grilled chicken creates a perfect hearty meal. All zpizza soups that could be reformulated to be gluten-free now are. I tried the tomato bisque with my sandwich and it was superb. The soups are made in house and are as fresh as you will find in a restaurant. You can definitely tell that they didn’t open an over processed bag of soup and heat it up. The gluten-free soup offerings rotate and include (but are not limited to) tomato bisque, chicken pot pie, gazpacho, chilled avocado, chilled watermelon and roasted red pepper.

As most people in this area know, the gluten-free stars of zpizza locations here are the desserts. The gluten-free Apple Pie pizza is available nationwide. However, the gluten-free brownies and carrot cake offered here are made locally. Both are incredible and gluten eating customers at zpizza enjoy them as much as we do. Most of them don’t realize that the sweet treats are missing gluten because they are full of exceptional taste and the texture is perfect. The carrot cake at zpizza here ranks in the top five offered in Atlanta, including gluten versions.

The corporate office of zpizza switched their gluten-free crust supplier a while back and now offers a gluten-free vegan pizza crust. That’s great for the vegans but many of the local gluten-free customers here wanted the old crust back. Therefore, starting soon, you will be able to request the vegan crust or the Domata crust. Personally, in the ovens that zpizza uses, I found the vegan crust to be a bit “doughy” so I’m so glad to hear that we can soon order the Domata crust again.

Gluten-free Sandwiches – (available at Alpharetta and Duluth, GA locations)

  • Tuna
  • Turkey
  • Supersub
  • Pollo Latino
  • Curry Chicken
  • Yuppie Veggie
  • Grilled Chicken Marinara (substitution for meatball sub)

Special thanks to Danny and Glenn who listen to their loyal customer base and accommodate them whenever they can!

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Kyle Eslick is the founder of Gluten Free Media, as well as the creator of the popular Celiac Support Groups page. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+!


  1. Stewart says:

    I was heartbroken that Pizza Fusion closed too. I ate there about twice a week. Then the sun rose over the horizon with Zpizza. I ate at the John’s Creek (Duluth) location for the first time 3 weeks ago and even though it is a 40 mile round trip from my home, I was back again last Sunday.
    The pizza is great and the prices are good. What I really like is how versed the John’s Creek staff is about gluten and cross contamination.
    I would recommend the trip out of the city. I do wish there were a location inside the Perimeter though (hint, hint Zpizza guy).

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