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Apr 27 2010

Old Spaghetti Factory Gluten Free Menu

Thanks to a heads up from Gluten Free Restaurants reader Sharon, it looks like the large franchise restaurant Old Spaghetti Factory now offers a gluten free menu.  I hadn’t heard of this particular restaurant chain before and was surprised to see that although they are not in my state, Old Spaghetti Factory has a lot of locations scattered throughout the United States.  States that feature an OSF include: Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Minnesota, Missouri, Colorado, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, California, Oregon, and Washington. 

If you have an Old Spaghetti Factory in your area, you can view the official menu information here.  It looks like they feature DeBoles gluten free pasta products and also have a gluten free salad available.  

Have you tried the gluten free menu at an Old Spaghetti Factory location?  Please leave your review in the comments!!

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  1. Katie says:

    Old Spaghetti Factory’s gluten free menu offers 2 main dishes, but you can choose from a variety of gluten free sauces and meats to add in. Also, they have gluten free salad dressings and gluten free vanilla ice cream. I believe they serve DeBole’s pasta, a popular choice for gluten free pasta lovers. I was impressed and really enjoyed my experience.

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