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Jun 23 2014

Pasta Flyer – Fast, Gluten-Free Pasta

Gluten-free pasta is coming to a city near you! Pasta Flyer is a gluten-free pasta bowl restaurant and the brainchild of New York Chef, Mark Ladner. The new concept will deliver warm traditional Italian pasta (all gluten-free) for under $10 and hopes to raise enough money via a Kickstarter campaign to launch this fall in six cities: NYC, Chicago, Boston, D.C., Providence, Philadelphia and the SF Bay Area. More about Pasta Flyer:

Pasta Flyer is a way for Chef Ladner to share his love for delicious pasta with a wider community – outside the NYC fine-dining scene. He’s developed a pasta cooking technique that enables him to serve any combination of pasta shape, sauce and side in 3 minutes. It’s 100% gluten-free and will all be made in a gluten-free certified facility.

His goal is to have diners with celiac disease, gluten allergies and wheat intolerance who love pasta and haven’t had a great Italian dining experience, to come to Pasta Flyer and say, “Wow, this is how I remember pasta tasting” and have the opportunity to revisit that experience.

The campaign is gaining momentum and runs through July 3, 2014. You can help by backing this campaign with as little as $1.00. A pledge of $10.00 will earn you a reward of Instant Pasta Flyer Bowls (Dorm Ready, Single Serving, Gastronaut Packs. Fresh extruded, gluten-free pasta, with a 1-Minute cook time!) In order to move forward and launch this fall, Pasta Flyer needs to reach their goal of $85,000. Every dollar counts, so take the time to help get this project off the ground!

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