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May 23 2009

P.F. Chang's Gluten Free Menu

In the mood for some delicious chinese food?  Due to the amount of fresh vegetables and limited number of processed foods used to make their meals, it only makes sense that there would be at least a few gluten free chinese foods out there.     Turns out P.F. Changs, a national restaurant chain, actually offers a gluten free menu, which can be viewed here (click gluten free on the right side of the page).  Then click where it says Gluten-Free.

Note: It appears that they no longer offer a PDF file for printing their gluten-free menu.

Recently my wife and I celebrated our 10th anniversary, and one of our stops happened to be a trip to P.F. Changs.   I will spare you a full review, but instead point out that we had a great experience.   The servers seemed to know what they were doing and the food was wonderful.   It was a really great experience!

Anyone else tried P.F. Chang’s gluten free menu?   Leave us a comment with your experiences below!

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  1. s says:

    Had an EXCELLENT gluten-free meal last night. Enjoyed every bite! We were told that Monday 3/8/10 they will have an expanded GF menu with beef items, etc. They found a new marinade that is “spot on” for the wheat one they had been using. The switch begins tomorrow. We loved our Chicken lettuce wraps, Salmon, Lemon Chicken and the decadent Chocolate Dome dessert w/berries & berry sauce. Wondering why it took us so long to try it….

    • allyson says:

      where did you have this meal? I have been looking for new places to take my 9 year old daughter to eat she is gluten free and find it very hard to go out with her to eat. Any thingyou can tell me would be a big help.

      • Pegody says:

        HI Allyson, it sounds like s says went to PF Chang’s. In Baton Rouge, they treat celiacs like royalty. Oh, ya GOTTA try the chocolate dome s says is talking about!!! (if you are near a PF Chang’s)

  2. Eleanor says:

    I have been poisoned 3 times at Pf changs from spicey chicken. The Fresno Ca experiance put me in the bathroom for 3 days and weeks to get back to normal. The naples Fl was only about 8 hours of bathroom time. Each time I carefully ordered from their GF menu. It arrived on the correct plate and I was assured that it was Gluten Free. I touched nothing except my own plate. In Fresno I had eaten only GF energy bars earlier in the day so the problem had to come from PF Changs. Something is wrong with their process of serving GF foods.

  3. Lelisia Hall says:

    I ate at P.F. Chang’s for lunch today—got the supposedly glute-free chicken with brocolli. Within half an hour I had a headache—felt like an MSG headache to me, and within 45 minutes I was rughing to the bathroom. It all tasted wonderful, but I’ll probably shy away from the place in the future.


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