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Jun 4 2008

Pizza Restaurants Carrying Gluten Free Pizza?

Being that pizza is far and away my favorite food, this may be just a pipe dream, but today I noticed a post on Newswire Canada about Pizza Pizza restaurants now offering gluten free pizzas.

I’ve never actually heard of this restaurant before, but it appears to be a normal food chain that is attempting to make gluten free versions of their pizzas. I think this is a great idea because it will be the only choice for Celiacs in their markets, so they will get 100% of that business.

Will they use separate ovens? How will they accomplish this? Here is an excerpt from their post:

Pizza Pizza is the first major player in the quick-service restaurant
industry to provide a gluten-free crust, which uses rice and potato-based
flour as the main ingredient. By choosing the light and crispy rice-based
dough – along with toppings from our gluten-free list – consumers can enjoy a
delicious gluten-free meal made especially for them. Currently, Pizza Pizza’s
gluten-free crusts are available in the 12-inch medium format, the company’s
most popular pizza size.

In making the gluten-free crust, Pizza Pizza has implemented a series of
procedures and controls to prevent product cross-contamination. Mr. Brian S.
Payne, Director, Commissary and Supply Chain Management for Pizza Pizza, says
it is no different than handling any other allergen. In addition to having
specific utensils for the product, the company has sent all franchisees an
updated training guide containing new product information, educational
material about celiac disease, as well as cooking and sanitizing procedures.

The gluten-free crust is another in a series of health-conscious
innovations by Pizza Pizza. In recent years, the cutting-edge company has
introduced whole-wheat multigrain dough, a source of Omega 3 fatty acid and
fiber, partly skimmed mozzarella cheese and sodium-reduced sauces and cheese
to its menu offerings. Pizza Pizza was one of the first in the industry to
remove industrially-added trans-fats from its entire menu.

“The introduction of this new gluten-free menu offering is a natural
extension of our initiatives in striving to provide our customers with a
variety of healthy options that respond to their individual needs,” said
Finelli. “We know that a significant segment of the population is gluten
sensitive or intolerant, and offering this new menu option is a way of
bringing pizza back into their lives and routine.”

Click over to read the entire story!

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  1. selene says:

    on the note of Pizza pizza offering gluten free crust, I just tried to order a pizza from there and they make it incredibly difficult. They have a special for large pizzas – 5 toppings, 14$. I wanted this on gluten free crust. Because they don’t have large gluten-free pizza, they refused to let me have the deal. Even when I said to just put it on a medium pizza and charge me the gluten free surcharge, they refused saying that the deal was for large pizzas only. When I pointed out that they only have gluten free MEDIUM pizza, their response was actualy “yes mame, gluten free is medium, this special is only for large pizzas”. I don’t understand why they would offer gluten free on only one size and then not be flexible at all about it.they were also incredibly rude about it. When I asked for the number for head office the manager actually said that he wasn’t at liberty to give it to me. Which, working in a head office myself, makes absolutely no sense. And then I found it posted on their website under media centre so…

    It was very disheartening and frustrating.

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