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Feb 19 2011

Product Review: Crunchy & Yummy Freeze-Dried Fruit

I have to admit that I was skeptical about liking freeze-dried fruit when I first received these samples in the mail.  The last time I remember trying freeze-dried fruit was over 20 years ago, and there was a reason it was that long ago, I didn’t like it.  Since I have grown up a lot since then, both in maturity and in the foods that I eat, I decided to give the Crunchy & Yummy snacks a try.


Love seeing this on food packages:

Crunchy & Yummy fruits are certified USDA Organic, OU Kosher Parve, gluten-free, vegan and peanut-free.  They are available in 5 different varieties – banana, papaya, strawberry, mango & pineapple.  I was curious as to how the fruit is made into the freeze-dried state and was happy to see an explanation in the Crunchy & Yummy package that I received.  Here is a little more information:

All Crunchy & Yummy fruits are freeze-dried at their peak of flavor.  The freeze-drying process involves removing almost all the moisture in a vacuum chamber and sealing the food in an airtight container.   They retain all of their color, flavor & nutritional value after freeze-drying and don’t contain any preservatives, salt, sweeteners or gluten.

Crunchy & Yummy fruits are amazing!  I honestly didn’t think I would like them, but went into this with an open mind.  I was very impressed.  I love the crunch and then the burst of fruit flavor from each little piece!  I was so impressed I opened each of the 5 packages to sample each & every variety!  My brain immediately began to brainstorm about what I could use the fruit for, aside from eating straight from the bag.  Salad toppers, yogurt mix-ins, ice cream toppers were the first few that crossed my mind.  I love that they come in single serve packages for on-the-go snacking.  These fit great in my purse or gym bag.  I bet these would be a great addition to lunch for kids!

Crunchy & Yummy snacks can be purchased online or in select stores in New York & Florida.  If you would like a store near you to carry Crunchy & Yummy snacks, click here to print a letter out to bring in to your store.

**Thank you to Crunchy & Yummy for the complimentary samples.  The opinions posted in this review are mine and haven’t been influenced by anyone or anything.

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