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Oct 13 2011

Publix Recalls Magazine Over Misleading Recipe

Publix has recalled the Fall 2011 edition of their GreenWise Market Magazine for including misleading information about gluten-free flours.  On page 18 of the magazine, Public included a recipe for Orange-Honey Sweet Rolls under the heading “gluten-free flour” but the recipe called for wheat germ which is not gluten-free.

Since the recall Publix has placed a disclaimer on the online version of their magazine and also plan to send letters to all subscribers warning them of the misleading recipe.  Included in the letter to subscribers, company spokesperson Kim Jaeger states that the recipe “calls for the use of gluten-free flour as an ingredient; however, the complete recipe was not intended to be gluten-free“.

Here is my question – why would someone bother using a recipe that calls for “3 cups gluten-free all-purpose baking flour” but then go and use wheat germ if it’s not intended for those who need to eat gluten free?  Do you believe the magazines claim that this was not intended to be gluten-free or do you think they are just covering themselves and can’t admit their full mistake?

Article Written by:

Devan McGuinness is a gluten free mom to 3 kids and an advocate for celiac disease and the gluten free lifestyle. Diagnosed with celiac disease in 2007 and her second child diagnosed in 2009, Devan is passionate about advocating for safe food and awareness for fellow Canadians with celiac disease, gluten allergy and gluten intolerance. A go-to person for the newly diagnosed, Devan eases the minds of those faced with the new life-long diet and even has a trick or two for the gluten free veterans. Tweet me at @AccustomedChaos or join me on Facebook.


  1. It sounds like they just took another recipe and in order to fulfill the “gluten-free” topic just subbed GF Flour and didn’t bother trying it, or looking at the rest of the recipe. Which tells me they were just throwing something together in the interest of catching the eyes of GFers to buy the magazine.

  2. I think a little CYA is going on. The whole think seems suspicious to me.

  3. Looks an awful lot like someone modified a recipe without doing much testing…or even looking carefully at the ingredients.

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