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Apr 10 2012

Recipe: 3, 2, 1 Microwave Cake–Gluten-Free

I hope you all had a nice Easter/Spring holiday.  We had a busy day on Saturday and relaxed a bit on Sunday.  We had Aaron’s parents over for Easter dinner, which was complete with ham, garlic mashed potatoes and carrot cake.  Instead of getting the kids more candy, my in-laws got them the most unique gift.  I can’t wait to tell you all about it!  Read on…


We have all heard about the microwave mug cakes by now, right?  There is even a cookbook that I reviewed last year called “101 Recipes for Microwave Mug Cakes”.  My mother-in-law thought that it would be great if the kids could make their own dessert or snack anytime they wanted (and we allowed them to) without any help from mom or dad.  I loved the idea of the kids being more independent when it comes to cooking and/or baking, as long as they can do so safely.  She had heard of a recipe that combines angel food cake mix and regular cake mix into a large one-gallon Ziplock bag to keep on hand to make individual cakes.  Only problem was there was no gluten-free version of this recipe, so she took it upon herself to figure it out so that Jon wouldn’t be left out.

When Mary called me the other day asking about a gluten-free angel food cake mix, I was unaware of any brands out there.  I knew that Gluten-Free Pantry made one a while back, but it was no longer listed on their website.  She was able to find a Kinnikinnick Angel Food Cake Mix at our local health food store, Raisin Rack.  She also needed to find a solution for the gluten-free angel food cake not having egg whites in the mix like the non-gluten-free version did.  I suggested dried egg whites mixed into the cake mixes in the amount of eggs that the angel food cake called for.

This was certainly going to be an experiment, but you never know if something is going to work if you don’t try it, right?


Gluten-Free 3-2-1 Microwave Cake

To make the cake mix:

  • 1 (16 ounce) box gluten-free angel food cake mix (Kinnikinnick)
  • 1/2 cup dried egg whites (Just Whites)
  • 1 (18  ounce) box gluten-free cake mix, any flavor (we used Pamela’s vanilla cake mix)

1.  Mix all ingredients well in a large bowl and store in a gallon Ziplock bag or container.

To make the individual cake:

  • 3 tablespoons of the cake mixture
  • 2 tablespoons of water


1.  Spray dish/mug with cooking spray.  Measure 3 tablespoons of mix into small microwave ramekin, bowl or mug.

2.  Add 2 tablespoons water.  Whisk well.  Microwave for 1 minute on high.

3.  Let cool, then add toppings – icing, whip cream, ice cream, frosting, fruit, etc.

The bowl right after it came out of the microwave:


Jon was a little unsure, but I had faith.  It did resemble an angel food cake to me, something he never experienced before.


Frosted with lemon frosting, Jon’s favorite.

I could barely contain myself waiting to see how he liked his cake!  He dug in and said it was a little tough to cut.  I had to remind him that angel food cake is a little different in texture than normal cake, so that is to be expected.  I went to see how tough and it wasn’t really tough, it was just like angel food cake.  He loved the cake!  He loved the flavor and texture and can’t wait to make another one after dinner!  I like that this is simple enough for him to do on his own, so he can’t tell me we don’t have any desserts for him to eat. He will be making individual cakes from this bag for quite a while!

I love the versatility of the base recipe!  I am already thinking of different combinations that I can create.  The angel food cake has to remain in the recipe, but the cake mix flavor can change and I bet you can add a touch of flavoring to mix it up.  I can also see frosting a chocolate version of this cake with almond butter!

Thank you, Grandma Mary, for such a unique, creative Easter gift!

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Kyle Eslick is the founder of Gluten Free Media, as well as the creator of the popular Celiac Support Groups page. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+!


  1. Donna says:

    This is wonderful news. I would like it topped with strawberries and whipped cream. Thank you.

  2. Heide Cole says:

    It is sold since years from Happy Cakes 🙂

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