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Apr 11 2013

Review: Barbara’s Honest O’s Cereal

I have been a fan of Barbara’s Puffins cereal for a while now, so when I heard that they also made Honest O’s, I was excited to try them.


More about the cereal:

Barbara’s Bakery Gluten Free Honest O’s Multigrain are made using pure oat flour, and are brought to you by a dedicated association of farmers who’ve made a commitment to plant and harvest the finest, cleanest grains available. The result of their extraordinary effort is a delicious bowlful of gluten free cereal that fits into your naturally healthy food plan.

I was so excited to try the Honest O’s, that I poured a bowl right after I got home from my morning training session to hold me over until I had time to sit down later to eat.  The Honest O’s were everything I expected and more!  They had a pleasant texture and were lightly sweetened.  Each serving contains 110 calories, 0.5 grams fat, 3 grams fiber and 2 grams protein.  As far as vitamins go, the cereal contains 25% of the RDA of Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron and Vitamin D.

Ingredients: Corn flour, whole grain pure oat flour, unsulphered molasses, whole grain brown rice flour, oat hull fiber, calcium carbonate, natural flavor, caramel color, annatto (for color), ascorbic acid (vitamin C), ferric orthophosphate (iron), vitamin D3, vitamin E (mixed tocopherols to retain freshness).


I topped this bowl with a big splash of almond milk, but next time I plan on adding fruit and vanilla yogurt.

This cereal joins 3 other gluten-free cereals in the Barbara’s line:


Barbara’s cereals can be found in stores across the US and online.  I don’t know about you, but I have been known to eat cereal straight out of the box.  Hey, it keeps me from dirtying a bowl and spoon, right?

Have you tried Barbara’s Honest O’s?  What is your favorite breakfast cereal?

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Kyle Eslick is the founder of Gluten Free Media, as well as the creator of the popular Celiac Support Groups page. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+!

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