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May 17 2012

Review: Cape Cod Chef’s Recipe Feta & Rosemary Chips

Grocery shopping is one of my favorite past times.  It is somewhat cathartic and I feel like I learn something new each time I meander down the aisles.  I don’t like to be rushed while I am grocery shopping, as I am afraid that I will miss out on something fantastic.  That something may be a great sale or a new product, like the one below.


I believe that I first heard about Cape Cod feta & rosemary chips in cyberspace, so when I spotted a bag of them at Earth Fare last week, it was a pretty easy decision for me to pick them up and put them into my cart.  I love a crisp kettle chip, but add a couple of my favorite flavors and I may just be in heaven!


These chips were seasoned perfectly!  You know how some chips have way too much seasoning and more ends up on your hands than in your mouth?  Not the case here.  These have such a delicate balance of the rosemary and feta flavors, which only adds a level of fantasticness (is that a word?) to the chips.  You can’t go wrong with this flavor combination in a kettle chip. 

More about the Cape Cod rosemary & feta chips:

Chef Weldon has taken his signature Crostini appetizer and created what could be a signature chip. Taste the tangy, smooth feta, the unmistakable earthy rosemary, and a little garlic. It’s a combination that would bring any base ingredient to life, and one our hearty and robust kettle-cooked Cape Cod potato chips, it is nothing short of spectacular.


Cape Cod Potato Chips began as a dream of producing and selling all-natural, kettle-cooked potato chips using a small-batch process that allows you to taste the true potato flavor.

The distinctive crunch and hearty flavor became legendary among Cape Cod tourists and quickly spread to the rest of New England and beyond. What started as a 800-square-foot storefront location on West Main Street in Hyannis, Massachusetts, is now sold in retail locations across the United States.
Having recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, Cape Cod Potato Chips continues to develop and launch new satisfying snacks that rise above the sea of sameness.

Many of the Cape Cod chips are gluten-free and are clearly labeled so right on the bag (the whole grain variety are not gluten-free).  Cape Cod chips can be found in stores across the US or online

Have you tried the new Chef’s Recipe rosemary & feta chips?  They are the perfect compliment to a deli style sandwich or a cold class of chardonnay. 

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