Review: ChocoVine - Celiac Disease
Jun 13 2012

Review: ChocoVine

I have seen ChocoVine in many stores and always meant to check into the gluten-free status, but always forgot once I arrived home.  When some family members joined us on vacation and brought a bottle of ChocoVine along to share, I took the opportunity to look into the status and give it a try.  All four varieties of ChocoVine are gluten-free.  More about ChocoVine:

Among the windmills and tulip fields of Holland, fine red wine and rich dark chocolate blend with the finest Dutch cream to create a blissful indulgence.
At it’s introduction in 2009 Chocovine was honored with a 90 Point, Exceptional Value rating from the Beverage Testing Institute and is still to this day the #1 selling Chocolate Wine in America.


I love red wine and I love chocolate, so what better drink could there be?

Original ChocoVine: Delicious in its classic taste of decadent chocolate, the original ChocoVine is excellent on its own or complementing a cocktail. Perfect for the purist. Ingredients: Grape wine with artificial flavor, cream and artificial colors.

I was warned by my sister-in-law that the ChocoVine is more of a dessert wine and that a little goes a long way.   I love the flavor of the ChocoVine – it is smooth, creamy and full of chocolate flavor.  I didn’t really detect any red wine flavor, though I could taste some kind of alcohol in the drink.  I can see pairing this with a nice square of dark chocolate or some fresh summer berries.

There are three other varieties of ChocoVine:

ChocoVine Whipped CreamNew in 2012! Creamy vanilla sweetness perfectly lightens the velvety Dutch chocolate finish.

ChocoVine EspressoAromas of roasting coffee beans and cocoa. Delectable dark chocolate leads to a dense finish of intense espresso flavor.

ChocoVine RaspberryReminiscent of rich raspberry truffles. Fresh flavors of ripe berries melt into a long, luscious finish.

I can’t wait to try the espresso variety! ChocoVine can be purchased in stores across the US.  The ChocoVine website has some great recipes.  I especially like the idea of pouring the ChocoVine over ice cream!  Have you tried any of the ChocoVine varieties?

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Kyle Eslick is the founder of Gluten Free Media, as well as the creator of the popular Celiac Support Groups page. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+!


  1. Elaine LaBorde says:

    The Vanilla flavor is out of this world. I love it. The chocolate one is great, too, but the vanilla one is amazing.

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