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Aug 3 2010

Review: Fabe's Natural Gluten-free Goodies

Fabe’s Natural Bakery specializes in making all natural desserts. There are no preservatives or added sugar in any of their treats. The baked goods are sweetened naturally and nothing artificial is used – not in flavors or colors. Fabe’s Natural Bakery does bake gluten products, but has a line of gluten-free goodies. Obviously, some people avoid products that are not made in 100% gluten-free facilities. Everyone should choose products that suit their needs best, of course.

When a package of Fabe’s Natural gluten-free goodies arrived at my door, I was delighted to find a cake, two small pies, some mini macaroons and several individually wrapped cookies in the box. It was literally like Christmas in July and it happened to be my birthday as well! I didn’t know what to try first. Since we were going to The Melting Pot for dinner that night, I thought it appropriate to stash a few mini macaroons in my purse to enjoy with the chocolate fondue. As it turned out, I never remembered to take them out of my purse because we didn’t need them with all the food we had.

The next day I tried the mini macaroons with my afternoon tea and they were perfectly delightful. I’m really not crazy about macaroons generally speaking, so this was a nice surprise for me. Even more shocking was when I tried the large coconut cookie from Fabe’s later on. It was the best coconut cookie I’ve ever had, including all gluten versions. It was absolutely phenomenal! The chocolate chip cookies were a little too “healthy” tasting for me, but my husband (who rarely met a cookie he didn’t like) thought they were fine. I preferred the peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, but the large coconut cookie was in a class by itself! By the way, those cookies have not been released yet, so you might not find them listed on the Fabe’s Natural Bakery website.

I stashed the apple and pumpkin pies in the freezer and defrosted them later for a test taste. First up was the apple pie. The filling was very good, with a strong tartness to it that was complimented well by vanilla ice cream.  We made the mistake of heating the pie up in the microwave and felt we hurt the texture of the crust by doing so. The next day we tried the pie without heating it up and sure enough, the crust was much better and we loved the slight coconut flavor in it. We had not even detected that flavor previously. Pumpkin pie isn’t my thing so I planned to rely on my husband’s review of it. He said the filling was probably the best of all prepared pumpkin pies he’d ever had. Well, that statement convinced me to try a bite of the pie. Obviously, not being one to indulge in pumpkin pie, I can only say that it was indeed fabulous, but can’t compare it to other pumpkin pies. I was quite taken aback by how much I enjoy the small amount of pie I tasted.

Last, but certainly not least, was Fabe’s gluten-free Chocolate Cake. It’s nicely decorated – similar to something you’d find in a nice bakery. There is a small plastic cup placed on the top of the cake that keeps the top of the container from damaging the cake during shipping. More bakeries should definitely use that trick.

What can I say about the chocolate cake? Well, it’s unbelievably moist, very chocolate-y and quite decadent! Knowing that the bakery makes gluten cakes, I had a moment where I worried I’d been sent a gluten product by mistake. By the way, that has never ever happened to me. After checking the label for the words “gluten-free”, I continued to enjoy the delicious chocolate cake. My husband is more of a pie person, but he was also impressed with the chocolate cake from Fabe’s Natural Bakery.

Fabe’s Natural Bakery products are not sold in my area. Maybe it’s a good thing because I’d likely want to justify buying chocolate cake for no reason what-so-ever on a regular basis. You can the check the store locator page to find out if Fabe’s products are sold in your area. Also, their products are available for online purchasing through Arizona Sweets. There are other gluten-free options from Fabe’s that are not mentioned above.

*Special thanks to Fabe’s Natural Bakery for my tasting samples!

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