Review: Feel Good Foods Chicken Dumplings - Celiac Disease
Aug 2 2012

Review: Feel Good Foods Chicken Dumplings

I was a huge fan of pot stickers before starting the gluten-free diet.  I loved going to the Asian buffet so that we could have as many pot stickers as we wanted, of course once I began the gluten-free diet there were no more pot stickers.  I was just happy that I found gluten-free Chinese or Thai food.  I figured pot stickers would come in good time.

Feel Good Foods has a wide variety of gluten-free dumplings and egg rolls on the market.  I had never seen the products in a local store before Earth Fare opened right up the street from my house.  Of course I added the dumplings (aka pot stickers) to my list of “must try” foods.


I chose the chicken dumplings, as I figured that is what would go over the best in our house.  Last night Jon decided that dinner wasn’t enough – he needed dinner number 2.  Pot stickers it was!  I followed the instructions on the box closely, as I had never made anything like this at home in the past.  I may have had the stove a little warm, as the bottoms turned out a little browner than the ones shown above, but they still tasted great.


Don’t those look awesome?  The sauce is just like I remember!  While these were a little on the gummy side, they had a wonderful flavor.  The texture was very close to what I remember the non-gluten-free version being.  The flavor was spot on!  The box contains 8 chicken dumplings or 2 servings and the sauce.  Jon chose to use Thai sweet chili sauce for his pot stickers.

Feel Good Foods products are sold in stores across the US.  The box of chicken dumplings that I purchased were $5.99, but Earth Fare has a coupon out right now for $1.00 off.  Some more information on Feel Good Foods:

At Feel Good Foods, we share a a deep commitment to the ideals of tasty food made from high quality, natural ingredients. Our chef-inspired recipes are created with non GMO ingredients, free of MSG, artificial flavors and additives. Feel Good Foods is dedicated to crafting dishes for those on gluten-free diets, and for individuals who are in pursuit of  delicious and healthy food. Presently, we offer gluten-free dumplings and egg rolls. We are confident that our customers can happily enjoy Asian appetizers again, without worry.

Have you tried any of the Feel Good Foods products?  What did you think?

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  1. Jo-Anne says:

    Feel good foods, both dumplings and egg rolls, are nothing short of awesome!! M 30-year-old son and I buy them by the half dozen. Often, we empty out the freezer case at the local health food store!

  2. Cara Zaller says:

    Haven’t been able to make these successfully.

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