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Jan 30 2012

Review: Gimbal’s Jelly Beans

I am a self-professed jelly bean addict.  I probably should change that to “gourmet jelly bean addict”, as I am not talking about the bigger jelly beans that you mostly find around Easter, but the littler ones, like Jelly Belly, Starburst or my new love, Gimbal’s.

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The Gimbal’s jelly beans aren’t just free of gluten, but they are free of peanuts, egg, dairy, gelatin, soy, tree nuts and trans fats.   When I first tried Gimbal’s jelly beans, it was because the brand I normally buy was out of stock.  I needed my fix, so I figured they would do.  Little did I know that they would end up being my favorite & knocking my old favorites into spot #2.  There are 41 flavors of jelly beans in the package, which are all detailed on the back of the bag.  There are very few that I don’t like.  When I first tasted them, I really despised the black or licorice flavor, but I have to admit that while I don’t seek them out, I don’t spit them out anymore, either.  Who would have thought that buttered popcorn flavor would be good in a jelly bean?  These jelly beans seem to be a little larger than the other gourmet jelly beans, but they are still smaller than “traditional” Easter jelly beans.  I love the texture of the Gimbal’s beans – chewy with substance and plenty of flavor.

Gimbal’s makes a wide variety of allergen-free candy:

Sour Lovers – Made with Real Fruit Juice in twelve brand new, pucker-up, mouth-watering flavors, from Meyer Lemon and Pomegranate, to Mango, Bing Cherry and Strawberry Daiquiri-Sour Lovers has revolutionized sour candy forever. High in Antioxidant Vitamin C, truly irresistible, and Sour!

Cherry Lovers – Great for Valentine’s day!  Cherry Lovers fruit chews are made with Real Cherry Juice and are High in Antioxidant Vitamin C. Feel good about every bite. With Chocolate Cherry, Bing Cherry, Cherry Daiquiri and more who knew there were so many ways to enjoy Cherry? Experience Cherry Lovers nine juicy combinations of cherry flav

Honey Lovers – Made with Real Honey and High in Antioxidant Vitamin C, Honey Lovers sixteen chewy flavors are simply delicious. Enjoy Pomegranate Honey, Honey Dipped Strawberry, Black Cherry Honey and more and help Save the Honey Bee! Gimbal’s donates 5% of proceeds to the University of California Davis “Honey Bee Research Program”.

Lava Balls – From Coast to Coast, LavaBalls have won the hearts of passionate hot Cinnamon Lovers. Some have even claimed that they are addictive. Once you experience LavaBalls, no other Cinnamon candy can satisfy. Soft, chewy and bursting with real Cinnamon flavor, LavaBalls are the only Gourmet Cinnamon candy that finishes “Hot, Hot, Hot!”

Licorice Scotties – Founded in 1898, the Gimbal family tradition of All Natural Licorice has been passed down for four generations. Made with only the finestingredients, each Licorice Scottie Dog is handcrafted with Real Licorice Root and Pure Anise. Soft, delicate and bursting with flavor,the All Natural Licorice Scotties are made for the real Licorice Lover.

More about Gimbal’s:

In 1898, Alexander Gimbal founded the Gimbal Candy Kitchen in bustling downtown San Francisco. Four generations later, all of us at Gimbal’s Fine Candies remain passionate about making delectable treats. We love candy!

Our motto is – “Making Gourmet Candies for Everyone Everyday.” From old-time favorites, to fun and innovative new candies – everything we create is made with pride in USA.

Gimbal’s jelly beans and other candies can be purchased online and in grocery stores across the US.  Check here to see where to buy your favorite Gimbal’s candy.

I realize that eating jelly beans regularly takes some of the fun away at Easter time, but I am willing to give that up.  They are my little reward to myself for keeping on, keeping on.  Do you have a favorite Gimbal’s candy?  Do you have a favorite jelly bean flavor? 

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Kyle Eslick is the founder of Gluten Free Media, as well as the creator of the popular Celiac Support Groups page. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+!


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