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Oct 21 2010

Review: Gluten-free Mini Pops

Plain corn is gluten-free and therefore popcorn is as well. Almost every major U.S. theatre chain reports that their popcorn is gluten-free so it always puzzles me when others say they miss eating popcorn at the movies. Personally, I love the fact that we can order a soda and popcorn and never have to mention the words gluten-free when we go to the movies. Popcorn is a regular snack at our house as well.

Photo courtesy of Mini Pops

When I read about Mini Pops on Adventures of a Gluten-free Mom a while back, I was intrigued. Anything that resembles popcorn is right up my alley. My box of samples from the company arrived last week and within two days, I’d tried three of the bags I received. There are several tasty flavors of Mini Pops and more of them in the works. I think my favorite is the Baby White Cheddar and the Subatomic Sea Salt was terrific too. The Itsy Bitsy Chili Cheese flavor was way too spicy for me. None of the flavors were salty enough for me, but I’m a bit of salt addict so that’s no surprise.

If you’re wondering what Mini Pops are made of, the answer is sorghum kernels. Many gluten-free replacement type foods are made with sorghum flour. Mini Pops pretty much taste like tiny pieces of popcorn. On the front of the bag however, the many differences between the two grains are listed. Compared the popcorn, Mini Pops seem to have the upper hand. The following information comes directly from the bag of Mini Pops.

Mini Pops vs. Popcorn

  • Lower Saturated Fat
  • Fewer Calories
  • More Protein
  • Higher in Iron
  • Higher in Calcium
  • High in Fiber
  • No Hulls
  • No Corn Allergens (including zein)

The the nutritional stats for both grains can be viewed here. One thing that really got my attention was a “green fact” listed on the bag. Apparently, sorghum farming requires 50% less water than corn. That sounds pretty environmentally friendly to me. The sorghum used for the product is also organic, as stated on the bag.

Mini Pops are really good and have a perfect crunch just like popcorn does. There are three servings in each bag, each containing approximately 100 calories (depending on the flavor). Even though I love finger foods, Mini Pops are just a little too “mini” for me to eat with my hands. I like using a spoon to eat them with. I even melted a little butter to put on the snack and I must say – the snack was incredible that way. Mini Pops can be ordered online and there is now an economical 16. oz. size bag available.

*Special thanks to the owner of Mini Pops for my samples. I so look forward to trying your Caramel Crunch flavor when it’s available!

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