Review: Gluten Free Passport - Celiac Disease
May 20 2011

Review: Gluten Free Passport

We all know that dining out can be the most challenging part of following the gluten-free diet.  I know that there were times that I thought that it would just be easier to not eat out anymore and only eat in the safety of my own home.  Becoming a recluse is no way to live your life and I wasn’t about to let something like having to follow a gluten-free diet take away enjoying food with friends and family.

Kim Koeller & Robert La France’s book series, Let’s Eat Out! Gluten Free/Allergy Free Passport is a wonderful reference for those who are just starting the gluten-free diet.  In addition to a larger book filled with information on how to approach dining out with Celiac and/or food allergies, there are pocket-size “passports” for different cuisines.  These passports make it simple to bring along the knowledge you need to make informed choices when ordering your meal.  Additionally, it details where allergens may be lurking that one may not think of.  The other allergens included in this series are: corn, dairy, eggs, fish, peanuts, shellfish, soy & tree nuts.

More about Kim Koeller:

As President of Gluten Free Passport and successful entrepreneur, Kim Koeller is the internationally acclaimed co-author of the  Let’s Eat Out! series and creator of leading iPhone / iPod / iPad applications.

Kim has traveled over 2 million miles across the globe, dined in 25-plus countries while working on 4 continents.  She is a sought after keynote speaker educating audiences across the globe from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK to the US.

Prior to establishing Gluten Free Passport, Kim was a partner with Accenture, the world’s leading management consulting firm. Focused on global customer relationship management & leading edge technologies, she worked with cross-industry Fortune 500 clients developing leading edge solutions, including 12 first ever industry engagements.

During her 20-plus years of international consulting, she had eaten 80% of her meals in restaurants around the world while managing over a dozen food related allergies and, as of 2002, celiac / coeliac disease. Kim earned her Masters in International Management from Thunderbird School of Global Management & Bachelors of Arts degree from Purdue University.

Kim is a board member of the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center and Purdue University Alumni – College of Liberal Arts.

More about Robert La France:

Robert La France is also the internationally recognized co-author of the 10-time award-winning book series, Let’s Eat Out!. With a passion for the culinary arts, Robert has spent over 14 years across all aspects of restaurant operations and has worked with Asian, European & North American cuisines.  His experience has ranged from single restaurants to large publicly traded companies with 100-plus locations responsible for training hundreds of personnel. Robert graduated cum laude from Arizona State University with a Bachelors of Music in Vocal Performance.

In addition to the book series, there are also mobile apps available for the iPhone, iPod and iPad and a website packed with info on all things gluten-free – travel, dining out and more!  Technology is wonderful for having extensive information like this at your fingertips.  Click here to print free dining cards for different cuisines.  The books can be purchased at the Gluten Free Passport website.

**I received the books in this review free of charge.  The opinions expressed here are my own and have not been influenced by anyone or anything.

Article Written by:

Kyle Eslick is the founder of Gluten Free Media, as well as the creator of the popular Celiac Support Groups page. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+!


  1. Tiffany Janes says:

    Kim – Kim Koeller is one of my gluten-free heros! Dr. Rudert in Atlanta mentioned Kim’s books while speaking to a support group here shortly after my dx. I left the meeting, found the passport book and multi-lingual phrase book at Amazon and ordered them that day. Several weeks later, we departed for London (and then Paris) and I was well armed with knowledge that helped me dine out three meals a day for 12 days without issue.

    Kim’s goal is to educate people so that they can eat safely most anywhere (though she teaches you when you need to leave a place before ordering when needed) in the world. That really empowered me to be free to enjoy dining out again. Learning about Kim’s struggles and how she overcame so much with multiple food intolerances gave me the strength to learn to handle gluten-free dining with confidence.I’ll forever be grateful to Kim for her wonderful work!


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