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Oct 29 2013

Review: Glutino Corn Bread Stuffing

gfstuffing_glutinoToday, I received  a care package  from Glutino that included one of my holiday favorites – corn bread stuffing!  I was so excited that I made it for dinner immediately.  I happened to have fresh Brussels sprouts on hand, so I  made an impromptu dinner of Thanksgiving vegetarian sides with the stuffing, Brussels and mashed potatoes and gravy.  Sometimes,  a meal like this just needs to be done on a random weeknight.  I was  so excited that I didn’t get the best picture of the package, but you can get the idea (on the right), so you are able to identify it in the grocery store.

The package includes ready-made stuffing bread crumbs, all you have to do it make the stuffing.  This saves a lot of time, since when I typically make stuffing, I start with making cornbread from scratch and then letting it dry for a day.  This stuffing can be made instantly, and still has a homemade flavor.

I followed the directions exactly, which called for butter, a cup of onion and celery, broth and 2 eggs.  The stuffing already includes herbs and seasoning. Once these items are combined, 40 minutes later you will have finished stuffing!

I love corn bread stuffing full of herbs, and my family and I really enjoyed it even my picky 8-year old.  I have to say, it tasted very much like homemade stuffing.  I am looking forward to my leftovers for lunch tomorrow.  It definitely makes a perfect side to your holiday meal, and the best part is that it can be done quickly without much mess.

This stuffing would also be an easy solution if you are going to someone’s house for a holiday dinner where they will be serving gluten-filled stuffing, and you would like to bring a safe, gluten-free alternative.  There may even be more fans of this stuffing than the gluten-filled version. They won’t know that anything is missing.  And if you are traveling for the holidays, it is easy to carry along a package of this stuffing in your bag to make once you arrive.

Glutino is only offering this corn bread stuffing during this holiday season, so it is in limited supply. I plan to buy a few packages when I see them in the store, so I can have them on hand past the holidays. Because stuffing is good anytime!

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