Review: Good Grub Subs in Alpharetta, GA - Celiac Disease
Sep 19 2011

Review: Good Grub Subs in Alpharetta, GA

Some of my gluten-free friends told me about a place up in north Alpharetta called Good Grub Subs that serves gluten-free subs.  They said the bread was excellent and the meats and cheeses were as well.  To say the restaurant is a haul for me to get to is quite the understatement.  As much as I’d love to grab a sub every now and then, I can’t justify driving two hours round trip to get it.

When I was planning a trip to Dahlonega for Labor Day weekend, I realized it was feasible, if not being the most direct route, to go through Alpharetta to get there.  Finally, I’d get to try the subs everyone was talking about and making special trips to enjoy!

Since we wanted to get to our mini vacation destination early, we arrived at Good Grub Subs just about the time they opened at 11:30 on a Saturday.  The owner, Alan, introduced himself and explained how things worked.  There are menu cards that you use to check everything you want for your order.  It was exciting to see the gluten-free card option!

For my lunch, I chose a gluten-free sub roll, turkey, cheese, lettuce and pesto sauce.  The combo comes with a fountain drink and chips.  There were several gluten-free Lay’s chips to choose from.  We could see where the food was being made and noticed a sign reminding workers to change their gloves to ensure gluten-free sandwiches would be truly gluten-free.

It took about ten minutes for our meals to be prepared and it was worth the wait.  My sandwich was shockingly delicious!  Even though I knew what everyone else that has tried the sandwiches thinks of the rolls, that doesn’t mean I’d like it as much as they do.  The bread was soft, but held up well and didn’t crumble, break or fall apart.  The 9” sandwich was way too large for me to eat at one sitting so I took half of it to our B&B.  I ended up needing a snack before our late dinner so I enjoyed the sandwich straight from the cooler later that afternoon.  I was shocked that the bread was still good cold!

During our visit, I was able to discuss with the owner how Good Grub Subs came to be so gluten-free friendly.  Alan explained he has a family member with celiac disease.  That explained perfectly why this place is trying so hard to get things right for gluten-free customers.  It’s great that so many places are now trying to cater to our exploding consumer market, but it’s only helpful for non trendy gluten-free diners if the places actually understand what it takes to safely prepare gluten-free meals.  In the case of Good Grub Subs, they are one of the most educated places regarding gluten-free service I’ve come across in a very long time.

If the location was not so out of the way for me, I’d probably go there weekly to not only enjoy a fabulous meal made with great quality ingredients, but to support the business for their great efforts.  I’m already planning a return visit up to north Georgia and for sure, I’m going to go through Alpharetta when we go just so I can have another amazing sub at Good Grub Subs!

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  1. Marilyn says:

    That sub looks delicious! Was the owner willing to share with you where the bread came from? It looks a lot like the bread and rolls we get locally from “Outside the Breadbox” in Colorado Springs, CO. (They have a website)

  2. Anne Steib says:

    I keep meaning to go there since my dad lives in Alpharetta. Do you know who makes the hoagie roll?

  3. Tiffany Janes says:

    I know the rolls are not from Outside the Breadbox, but the owner asked me not to list who makes them. You can call the place and see if they’ll tell you over the phone or go in and you’ll see the bags on the counter. Or you can do a Google search to see if you find the info elsewhere online.

  4. Raindi says:

    An unbelievably awesome place for the gluten free and non gluten free. First time in 6 years that I’ve been able to enjoy a sub. The sub was so delicious, I would drive an hour any day of the week to experience another meal there.

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