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Mar 17 2011

Review: Handy Gluten-free Crabcakes

After reading this review about the new Handy brand prepared gluten-free crab cakes, I set out to locate and try then for myself. I was not willing to pay to ship them in and thankfully, I found them at Whole Foods in Duluth, GA. The price was $7.99 for two crab cakes and since I didn’t know if I’d love them, I bought only one package. That ended up being a mistake.

When dealing with prepared frozen foods, I often forget to read the package about how best to cook the item before I actually start to cook it. Thus was the case with the Handy Gluten Free Crab Cakes. Because the cakes were not thawed and I didn’t have time to get them that way, I opted for the baking method instead of the pan frying option. The latter is recommended only if the crab cakes are thawed.

To make for an easy clean up, I lined a baking sheet with foil and lightly coated the foil with canola oil. I laid the two crab cakes on the foil, flat side down. The instructions said to cook the frozen cakes for 22 minutes on 350, turning them once. I did exactly that and the crab cakes came out golden brown and smelling incredible.

Because I didn’t want a sauce to overwhelm something I’m reviewing, I used just a touch of fresh lemon juice on my crab cake. I had a bite without the lemon too, in order to get an accurate taste of the item without adornment. The crab cake was full of lump crab meat and tasted like something you’d find in a fine dining establishment. It was the best prepared crab cake I’ve had at home, regardless of ingredients.

The Handy Gluten-Free Crab Cakes are certified by the GFCO, GIG’s respected program. I mention this because Handy makes, and is famous for, gluten crab cakes. I’m not sure if the gluten-free crab cakes are made in a dedicated gluten-free facility or not. When I see the GFCO symbol on the package, regardless of where it’s made, I can trust that it is in fact, gluten-free. The GIG program certifies items to 10 ppm for gluten which is more stringent than the proposed standard (20 ppm) that the FDA is considering approving in the U.S.

I do have one complaint about Handy’s terrific new crab cakes. Two cakes are not enough for us for dinner. Three of them for the two of us would have been perfect. In the future, I’ll buy two packs at a time and make three cakes per meal. That brings the cost up to about $10.50, but to have crab cakes out, we’re looking roughly at a $60 dinner tab in the Atlanta area. All in all, I think the Handy product is a very good value based on the excellent taste, quality of ingredients and convenience factor.

*Above image courtesy of Handy International.

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