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Mar 3 2011

Review: Jovial Gluten-free Cookies

The main cookies of my childhood were Pillsbury (cut and bake) chocolate chip, Oreos, Chips Ahoy and Fig Newtons. As an adult, the only packaged cookie I continued eating (when I ate gluten) was Fig Newtons. And then one day over five years ago, I gave those up too since they are made with gluten ingredients.

Finally, I’ve located a gluten-free version of this old favorite cookie. At least, I’ve found something that is pretty close to it. During my last visit to Whole Foods I stumbled on Jovial gluten-free cookies. Until then, I’d only seen the pasta from that company which I’ve not tried yet. Thankfully, I spotted Jovial gluten-free pasta at my favorite health food store and will be buying and trying it soon.

When I noticed that one of the three cookie flavors was ‘Fig Fruit Filled’, I just had to try them. In fact, I opened the package when we got home and finished putting away the other groceries. My husband is a Newton fan as well so we planned to share one of the 2-packs inside the box. I had one cookie and really liked it, but would have preferred it to have less cookie shell and more filling. The fig filling was wonderful, perfectly sweet and tasted like figs. The cookie shell was soft and the taste was similar to a regular Fig Newton. As shown in the photo, the cookies are not shaped like the ones from our youth.

I think the Jovial cookies might be the perfect gluten-free Fig Newton if they were shaped and made like them. The original version has a thin cookie coating and a lot of filling and that is what makes them great. There is likely a reason the Jovial cookies are made differently and considering they are gluten-free, I’m very happy to have found them.

My husband, who can always be trusted to be the ultimate cookie monster, immediately asked if he could open another 2-pack of the cookies. Of course, the more cookies he eats, the less I can so I said yes. I don’t have to eat an entire pack of cookies to review them, after all. I must say I really like the fact that there are 2-packs of the cookies in the box. This adds to the price, due to extra packaging, but I think it’s nice to have something like this to throw in my purse when meeting friends for coffee, etc. The cookies are somewhat delicate so I’m not sure if they’d travel well, but due to the cookie shell protecting the filling all around, they should store fine in the car except in very hot months.

More information about Jovial Fig Fruit Filled cookies:


Organic cane sugar,  Organic rice flour, organic figs, organic potato starch, organic palm fruit oil, organic rice starch, organic rice syrup, organic soy flour, organic egg yolks, organic arabic gum, leavening (monocalcium phosphate, baking soda), salt, pectin, citric acid, guar gum, natural flavor.

Contains eggs and soy. We use milk and tree nuts in our facility. Strict sanitary practices and batch testing prevent cross-contamination.


Our facility was specifically designed to ensure an absolutely safe product, but it is not dedicated gluten free. We bake with dedicated equipment on separate production days. Each batch is tested and certified for gluten at less than 10ppm.

As always, everyone has to make their own decisions regarding what items they wish to consume and which ones they prefer to avoid. Based on my first taste test, I’m looking forward to trying the other gluten-free cookies from Jovial. The Chocolate Vanilla Cream cookies are definitely calling my name!

*Above photo courtesy of Jovial Foods.

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  1. YAY! I miss Fig Newtons, so I must find these!


  2. Kathleen Connors says:

    I MISS fig newtons. I have to say, my Whole Foods in Madison, WI doesn’t carry nearly the variety of products that your whole foods does!! I have never seen these anywhere in Madison!

    • Phyllis says:

      You should talk to the store manager and request the items you want them to carry. Once won’t be enough but don’t be shy.

  3. Tiffany Janes says:

    Our Whole Foods does have a great selection, but two health food stores here have even more gf options to choose from 😉

  4. Anne Steib says:

    I found these at Whole Foods, also, but have yet to try them. They are waiting in my pantry and will be eaten soon for sure! I love Jovial gluten-free pasta!

  5. Kathleen Connors says:

    If you don’t mind me asking, what part of the country are you both in? I’m in Wisconsin, and we seem to lag behind somewhat with gluten free products.

  6. Anne Steib says:

    Kathleen, where are you in WI? I moved from there late last year and one of my favorite places to shop was Woodman’s, they have an enormous selection of gluten-free foods, and I actually really miss that place. Also in Milwaukee, there is the Gluten Free Trading Company which is a 100% gluten-free store with a great selection.

  7. Tiffany Janes says:

    I’m in the Atlanta area where we are too spoiled for words in terms of shopping and dining options. There is no way to try every product or restaurant option here. I don’t think we are that far behind NYC for gf living!

  8. Buffy Robyn says:

    If you cannot find the jovial gluten free cookies (or Brown Rice pastas), you can buy them on line here:

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