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Oct 10 2010

Review: Kinnikinnick Pumpkin Spice Donuts

Last week I blogged about Kinnikinnick launching a new, limited edition donut. The pumpkin spice donuts will only be available for a short time. Being the pumpkin lover that I am, I jumped all over that and placed my order as soon as I heard the news.

The donuts arrived the other day and had I not just eaten lunch, I would have broken into the package immediately. Believe it or not, I was able to refrain from opening the package until breakfast time. As directed by the package, I froze the donuts upon arrival. I place 2 donuts on a plate and microwaved for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, they were slightly warmed, as if they had just cooled down from coming out of the oven. The icing was the perfect temperature & consistency. I bit into the first donut and got an instant rush of fall spices – cinnamon & nutmeg galore! It was reminiscent of my late grandmother’s pumpkin cookie. While I have tried to replicate this cookie, I didn’t realize until I bit into this donut today that I had not even come close. Yes, the cookies are good, but they aren’t the cookie. This donut captures the flavor & texture perfectly! It is like fall wrapped up in a neat little package. Jon may have some competition for the remaining donuts. He asked me to add that he would like the donuts to be completely iced, not just drizzled with icing.

Kinnikinnick is only selling these donuts through November 30, 2010. Make sure that you take advantage of this while you can. Shipping rates are only $10 per order, no matter how much or how little you order. Once they are gone, it is likely that they won’t return until next year. Kinnikinnick should consider making these year round. Just sayin’.

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