Review: Larabar ALT Protein Bars - Celiac Disease
May 18 2013

Review: Larabar ALT Protein Bars

It was only a couple of months ago that I discovered that Larabar had introduced ALT protein bars.  The new bars each contain 10 grams of protein, an increase from the 3-6 grams that typical Larabars contain.


Cinnamon Apple Crisp – Dates, pea protein, peanuts, brown rice syrup, brown rice flour, dried apples, sunflower oil, cinnamon, natural flavor

Lemon Pound Cake – Dates, almonds, pea protein, brown rice syrup, brown rice flour, sunflower oil, lemon juice concentrate, vanilla extract, natural flavor

Peanut Butter Cookie – Dates, peanuts, pea protein, brown rice syrup, brown rice flour, sunflower oil

Pumpkin Pie – Dates, pea protein, peanuts, brown rice syrup, brown rice flour, dried pumpkin, sunflower oil, spice

I was a little concerned about the added ingredients taking away the simple, yet delicious flavor of the Larabars, but it turns out I had nothing to worry about.  I loved all of the varieties, but if you made me choose a favorite, I would have to choose the Lemon Pound Cake.  I am thrilled with the release of the ALT bars and hope that I begin to see them on shelves of my local grocery stores soon.  I have been looking since I wrote the first post about the bars in March and have yet to find them.  I can see these becoming part of my regular rotation of post-workout snacks.

More about Larabar:

It started out as just a hike, no different than countless others I’ve taken into the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Little did I know I was about to come up with a mountain of an idea: Combine wholesome ingredients such as fruits and nuts to create a food product that’s tasty, healthy and convenient.

In that instant, in May 2000, LÄRABAR® was born. After scouring the aisles of grocery stores and noting popular flavors of ice cream and cookies, I delved into my own product development. Natural foods, I believed, should be fun and enjoyable as well as good for you. With friends and family serving as focus groups, I tinkered with recipes until a consensus on yummi-ness was reached.

The next step was to launch a company to market what would initially be five delicious LÄRABAR flavors: Cherry Pie, Apple Pie, Cashew Cookie, Banana Cookie, and Chocolate Coconut Chew. I also assembled a sophisticated manufacturing arm… what amounted to be a Cuisinart™ and a rolling pin. The first batch of bars I produced for retail had to be sealed by hand — all 500 of them!

Thank goodness we have machines for that job today. After all, we’re producing millions of LÄRABAR bars every year! They are a wholesome indulgence you can feel good about eating.

Larabars have been a staple in my house and diet for the past 7+ years.  I love that the company is continually evolving to keep the product line fresh and exciting.

Have you tried the new Larabar ALT protein bars?

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Kyle Eslick is the founder of Gluten Free Media, as well as the creator of the popular Celiac Support Groups page. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+!

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