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Jul 21 2012

Review: Mrs. Crimble’s Products

I love macaroons.  I didn’t know that I loved them until I began the gluten-free diet because I truly believed that I didn’t like coconut.  In a quest to be more open-minded, I let go of any pre-formed opinions on food and began to try new things.  I couldn’t be happier that I began to sample foods that I had previously declared that I didn’t like, because I found many that I actually did like!

Mrs. Crimble’s started over 20 years ago and their products can be found in stores across the UK, Australia and the US or on

Long before the days of celebrity chefs having their own product range, our ‘Home Recipe Biscuits’ were endorsed by Fanny Craddock – then known as the First Lady of Food – who said, ‘they’re the very best’. In those days we sold our biscuits and cakes from the back of a small fleet of vans. The products were displayed on racks and re-stocked every few weeks by a visiting salesman. These days it’s all down to Howard, who has the tricky task of making sure that if there’s a hole on the shelf where our products should be – it isn’t our fault!

What we make

Today, Mrs Crimble’s is still known for products which taste great and just happen to be gluten-free. Alongside our cakes we now have savoury products such as Cheese Bites and Cheese Crackers as well as a whole range of mixes for everything from stuffing to pastry.



I was generously sent a nice variety of samples from Mrs. Crimble’s.  I couldn’t wait to dig into the macaroons and was secretly pleased that no one else in my family likes coconut!  Did I just say that out loud?  I didn’t even try to convince them to sample the cookies, I just got down to business.

The macaroons and coconut rings with jam were fantastic!  I absolutely fell in love with the mini chocolate orange macaroons – what a brilliant combination!  The brownie and cake were equally delicious, but my heart belongs to the macaroons.  Jon did manage to eat the bag of sour cream and onion cheese bites in one sitting and he really liked them.

Mrs. Crimble’s gives away thousands of free treats in their “Share the Love” campaign*.  Anyone can nominate a loved one or friend to spread some kindness by visiting the website and filling out the form.  *Open to UK residents only.

Have you tried any of Mrs. Crimble’s products?  If so, which ones?

***The products reviewed in this post were sent to me free of charge for review purposes.  The thoughts and opinions shared here are mine and have not been influenced by anyone or anything.

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