Review: My Dad's Cookies - Celiac Disease
Jun 21 2010

Review: My Dad's Cookies

On occasion, I find gluten-free food on my door step that I wasn’t aware was on the way. The package is usually something sent by a company that Gluten Free Dee represents or an advertiser with Delight gluten-free magazine. Either way, it’s always fun to receive new gluten-free foods to review. Even though I try to keep up with all the new gluten-free items currently flooding the market, more and more I’m finding out about products from companies I’ve never heard of. Such is the case with the shipment from My Dad’s Cookies.

There were three types of cookies in the shipment – Raspberry Linzer, Italian Cookies and Chocolate Sandwich. The Raspberry Linzer cookies are better than I remember the Pepperidge Farm version being. The cookies are seriously amazing in every way! After I savored one of them, I thought to check the nutritional label and was kind of shocked to see that one cookie contains 110 calories. The cookies are not particularly large and I could have easily eaten three of them in moments. However, after reading the label I stopped after the first one. I’m trying to keep my carb intake down anyway (easier said than done!) so I decided to eat only one cookie a day until they are gone.

The shortbread type cookies have a buttery flavor and the ingredients list butter, milk, egg and soy, among other things. The raspberry jam between the cookies is really delightful. For those of you who avoid seeds, there are seeds in the jam. My Dad’s Cookies are simply a delicious cookie with no funny aftertaste or texture to them. We’ve baked a lot of gluten-free cookies that are exceptional tasting, but I’ve found few prepared gluten-free cookies that I think are exceptional. Obviously, there are many cookies that I’ve not tried before and I’m trying to keep it that way. I don’t really think I need a lot of ready made gluten-free cookie options since I didn’t stock ready made gluten cookies in the pantry when I could.

Out of all three cookies flavors, the Raspberry Linzer was our favorite. The Italian Cookies were a close second though! Those are light and so flavorful – it’s really hard to believe they are gluten-free. The Chocolate Sandwich cookies are pretty much like Oreos with a better texture. The fact that we’re not huge fans of gluten Oreos is the only thing that made this cookie come in third place. As most of us know, most gluten-free replacement type foods contain more fat, sugar and calories than the foods they were made to replace. In the case of My Dad’s Cookies, I can honestly say that the delicious taste and perfect texture of the cookies make it worth the indulgence. At least it will be if I can stick to my one cookie per day plan! For an inspiring story about gluten-free baking, read how My Dad’s Cookies came to be here. In addition to the three cookies we tried, there are seven other flavors and gluten-free brownies available on the My Dad’s Cookies website.

*Special thanks to My Dad’s Cookies (via Delight gluten-free magazine) for my delicious treats! I would only let the cookie monster in our house have one of the Raspberry Linzer cookies. Hey, he can eat the less impressive Pepperidge Farm version any day.

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Kyle Eslick is the founder of Gluten Free Media, as well as the creator of the popular Celiac Support Groups page. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+!


  1. Dru says:

    In fairness to the gluten-free diet, you should have noted that the wheat version of Pepperidge Farm’s Raspberry Linzer cookie has more calories than the Dad’s version

    Here is a link.

  2. Tiffany Janes says:

    Thanks for the info! You rarely find gluten versions of baked goods that have more calories than gf version of them. Very interesting indeed!

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