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Sep 18 2013

Review: ngb gluten-free lager

There are many gluten-free beers to choose from on the market these days.  Some are made with barley, though they still test gluten-free, others are made from gluten-free grains like sorghum.  It wasn’t too long ago that I heard about a new gluten-free beer being carried by Trader Joe’s called ngb gluten-free lager. 


I honestly forgot about the beer until I turned a corner while shopping at Trader Joe’s the other day and found a 6-pack sitting among the new products on the end cap.  I immediately put the beer into my cart and then right into the refrigerator to chill. I was already making plans what to make for dinner to have along side this new lager.  Pizza or burgers?  I chose burgers.  The lager is smooth and flavorful with a hit of citrus, just like the bottle says.  A perfect way to complement pizza, burgers or your next tailgate party. 

The lager is brewed with sorghum, hops and yeast, 4% alc./vol and is brewed and bottled by Minhas Craft Brewery in Monroe, WI.  Trader Joe’s sells the lager for $6.99/6-pack and had plenty in stock when I was there last. 

Have you seen or tried this new gluten-free lager?  What is your favorite gluten-free beer?

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  1. Millie says:

    No Trader Joes in Fort Myers FL,wherean I find this,tired of RED Bridge

  2. Millie says:

    No Trader Joes in Fort Myers FL,wherean I find this,tired of RED Bridge

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