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Jan 21 2011

Review: Peas of Mind Puffets & Veggie Wedgies

A few weeks back I blogged about some new gluten-free products that I had spotted at Whole Foods.  These products were targeted towards younger children – toddler age.  Peas of Mind makes nutritious foods that appeal to youngsters.  Not all of their products are gluten-free, but a good number of them are.  I picked up a few different Peas of Mind products the last time I was in Whole Foods.

Black Bean & Polenta Puffets


Veggie Wedgies – Broccoli Fries

Veggie Wedgies – Apple Fries

I was unsure if I could get my kids to try them, as they are older and picky as can be, but I knew that I would be able to have the 2 little ones that I watch try these, in addition to myself.  Cole, 9 months old, loved the black bean puffet.  I figured I would make it and he would eat half and I would save the remaining half for the next day.   Well, there was nothing to save!  He loved it!  I really don’t think I was getting it in his mouth fast enough.  The following day I served him and my God daughter the Veggie Wedgies and while Emma (3.5) was slow to warm up to them, Cole dug right in.  I sampled all of the products and they tasted good and not overly processed.    The nutrition stats are decent and this is a wonderful way to get vegetables into your children without too much of a fight.  Like the website says “a veggie sneak attack”!

Peas of Mind products can be found in many stores across the US and online at Amazon or Your Frozen Gluten-Free Source.

***A couple of these products were provided to me free of charge to sample and I purchased one, too.  The opinion stated in this blog are mine and have not been influenced by anyone or anything.

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