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Dec 6 2013

Review: Pretzel Perfection Peppermint Clusters

The holidays are a fun time of year to send unique gifts to those that you may not see on a regular basis.  Some of those gifts include fruit baskets, boxes of gluten-free cookies, candy, etc.  While those are nice, I found a new gourmet treat that is sure to be a hit…Pretzel Perfection Peppermint Clusters.

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The name says it all…perfection.  Seriously.  I was “wowed”!  I am not much of a white chocolate girl, so perhaps that is why I wasn’t expecting to fall in love, though that is all changed now. 

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Love at first bite.  Being the wonderful mom that I am, I shared with Jon.  He is lucky he isn’t on the naughty list this year or I may have kept these all to myself. 

Pretzel Perfection makes twelve different gluten-free pretzel products, with three of those specifically for the holidays.  The holiday varieties are:

Peppermint Clusters – Who’s to say candy canes are just for kids? Pretzel Perfection’s® Peppermint Clusters add a new twist, with our gluten free pretzels, covered with a minty infused white chocolate and topped with white chocolate chips and organic peppermint candy pieces.

Eggnog Holiday Clusters – We are spicing things up this season! Our NEW Eggnog Clusters are a delectable treat, starting with our gluten free pretzel sticks, covered in a creamy infused white chocolate, finished with white chocolate chips, a little cinnamon and a dash of nutmeg.

Salted Caramel Clusters – A year round favorite, dressed up for the holidays! Pretzel Perfection’s® Salted Caramel Clusters begin with gluten free pretzel sticks, covered in a chocolate and handcrafted caramel, topped with dark chocolate chips and finished to perfection with a sprinkling of sea salt. Packaged beautifully for this holiday season, order a few for easy gifting!

More about Pretzel Perfection:

Pretzel Perfection treats are made of real food, made sincerely by real people. What started as a one-person operation in a converted garage has now grown into a thriving and expanding business, and through it all, we have remained true to who we are. We create products our consumers can believe and trust in. We are committed to always sourcing higher quality, all-natural gluten free ingredients. Our products will always be safe for those who eat gluten free, as well as free of artificial flavors, artificial colorings and preservatives. If we won’t eat it ourselves or feed it to our own families, we won’t sell it.

These are not your ordinary treats. Our products offer quality ingredients, unique flavor combinations and a safe gluten free promise. Whether you go for our savory or sweet treats, each bag provides unique, gourmet experience.

We enjoy life, and our treats help us to get the most out of it! Our goal is to wow consumers with snacks and treats they can’t find from anyone else. Our flavors are fun, our products are different, and experiencing them is a truly enjoyable experience. Life is simply too short to not have fun with your food.

Pretzel Perfection products can be purchased online through their website or on Amazon.comHave you tried Pretzel Perfection gourmet treats?  What is your favorite gourmet gluten-free holiday treat?

*The product reviewed in this post was sent to me free of charge for review purposes.  The thoughts and opinions shared here are mine and have not been influenced by anyone or anything.

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