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Jul 18 2014

Review: Red Lobster Gluten-Free

We went on a short road trip yesterday to Cleveland to see my grandmother and have lunch with her. One of my grandmother’s favorite restaurants is Red Lobster, so we picked her up and away we went. Having previously written about the gluten-free at Red Lobster, I knew there would be plenty of options for me to choose from and I was especially excited about dessert.

The gluten-free menu at Red Lobster is updated on a regular basis and has the dates that it’s valid for listed at the top of the page. Frequently updated allergen menus are important as suppliers and ingredients can change. After browsing the menu I finally settled on the Wood-Grilled Salmon with Baked Potato & Green Beans (dry). The dish also came with broccoli.

IMG 2737

My salmon was cooked perfectly, as were the vegetables. I hate mushy broccoli, so I was thrilled when it came out perfectly. I thought the grilled lemon was a nice touch. Dessert, NY Style Cheesecake with Strawberries, was on my mind from the time I walked in the door, though I wondered how the cheesecake would be gluten-free with the crust. Turns out there is no crust!

IMG 2738

IMG 2739

IMG 2740

I don’t think I can put into words how wonderful this cheesecake was! It was creamy, rich, dense, full of flavor and I didn’t miss the crust one bit. Now that I know that this dessert is as phenomenal as it is, I see frequent stops by my local Red Lobster, which happens to be less than 10 minutes from my house. To-go cheesecake, anyone? It is a good thing I am training for a marathon this fall! Red Lobster has locations across the US and has a restaurant locator on the top left of their home page.

Have you eaten gluten-free at Red Lobster? Did you try the NY Style Cheesecake?

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