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Apr 14 2011

Review: Sam Mills Gluten-free Pasta

Several years ago, I read a rave review of Sam Mills pasta and remember thinking at the time that since it’s made with corn, it would not be worth trying. That was long before I discovered LeVenziane and Cornita corn pastas from Italy. Trying those brands definitely changed my mind about corn pastas as they are nothing like corn pastas made in the U.S.

Several months ago, I saw the Sam Mills pasta at Return to Eden in Atlanta. The bag was less than $3 so I picked up one package of the Penne Rigate shape. Because I had so many other bags and boxes of pasta in the pantry, it took me a long while to get around to trying the Sam Mills pasta.

The pasta is made in a gluten-free facility and it’s gluten-, egg- and dairy-free. It’s made with 100% corn and has a slight corn smell to it before it’s cooked. It took about 11 minutes for the pasta to get done enough for me even though the instructions say to cook it for nine. I never agree with the cooking times on any gluten-free pasta so the longer cooking time was expected.

For a quick skillet meal, I browned some ground turkey and added some tomato basil sauce to it. When the pasta was cooked and drained, I incorporated it into the meat/sauce mixture. I was actually running low on the sauce so there was barely enough to coat the pasta very lightly. I was concerned that the pasta would have a strong corn flavor due to the smell of the dry pasta when I opened the bag.

There was no need to worry about the taste of the pasta. Not only did it not have the slightest corn flavor to it, it was delicious even with the tiny amount of sauce on it! I can’t imagine how terrific it will be with a flavorful cream sauce on it. This pasta is a fantastic value for gluten-free dry pasta.

I still prefer fresh gluten-free pasta and probably always will. But there are times when dry pasta works better than fresh and Sam Mills makes a product worth checking out if you are looking for tasty gluten-free pasta that won’t break the bank. Unfortunately, I really can’t tell much about where to find the pasta in stores on the website, but it’s sold at and the Gluten Free Mall.

*Image above courtesy of Sam Mills.

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