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Jun 3 2013

Review: Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free Joe Joe’s

I feel like I have said, “Trader Joe’s does it again!” so many times on this blog, so what is one more time, right?  Trader Joe’s does it again!  This time they have debuted a gluten-free chocolate sandwich cookie to rival the non-gluten-free fan favorite of our childhood past.  Gluten-Free Joe Joe’s. 


I was thrilled when I hit my closest Trader Joe’s store over the weekend and these cookies were on the “new products” end cap.  A box of the Gluten-Free Joe Joe’s sells for $3.99 and has roughly 14 servings or 28 cookies. 


Joe Joe the Toucan has some great suggestions as to how to the sandwich cookies.  I personally like #3, “Nibble lightly around the edges with beak in a circular fashion until cookie is devoured.  Squawk loudly.”


Of course we all know the proof is in the pudding cookie, right?  True to Trader Joe’s reputation, the cookies are amazing!  They are everything I expected them to be and more! 

Above and beyond the fact that these cookies rock, if they put a smile on a child’s face because they are no longer the one who can’t have the same treats their friends are having, that is enough for me.  Kids have enough to deal with these days.  They shouldn’t have to worry about standing out because they have to follow a special diet.

Have you tried the new Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free Joe Joe’s?

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