Review: Tummy Drops - Celiac Disease
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Jun 4 2013

Review: Tummy Drops

We can all agree that having an upset stomach can ruin your day.  Does that mean you have to suffer?  No, of course not!  Take action and find out how you can try to make yourself feel better.

I was pleased to find out about Enteral Health, a company that  makes “Tummy Drops”, Natural Drops that can assist with occasional bouts of upset tummies.

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More about Enteral Health:

In our Gastroenterology and Dermatology offices, patients often come looking for ways to approach their digestive and skin health naturally. After trying to guide them to products, one thing became clear:  there weren’t many choices out there. Even more, those that were available were inconvenient, bad-tasting, or both.

This realization brought the three of us together to form Enteral Health and Nutrition. Our goal was a simple one, provide natural assistance for digestive and skin health, using only the best ingredients available. With our gi health, tummy drops, babyflakes, and dermatology health products, we aim to deliver.

There is also no reason that good health has to taste bad. Each of our products has been specially developed to taste great as well. Our chocolate products are real delicious chocolate, and our tummy drops are made with premium ingredients including brown rice syrup. Try them, you’ll love them for both their benefits and their taste.

We thank you for your time and support!


There are two different kinds of Tummy Drops:

Natural Peppermint – May assist with occasional cramps and bloating, urgency, stomach upset and nausea.  Ingredients: Brown rice syrup, dried cane syrup, natural peppermint oil (proprietary blend), and other natural flavors.  Only 10 calories each (zero weight watchers points), fat and cholesterol free, GLUTEN-FREE

Natural Ginger – May assist with occasional stomach upset, motion sickness, nausea, morning sickness.  Ingredients: Brown rice syrup, dried cane syrup, natural color from beet, natural ginger powder (proprietary blend), and other natural flavors. Only 10 calories each (zero weight watchers points), fat and cholesterol free!  GLUTEN-FREE.

Unfortunately I have had a few opportunities to truly test these products out recently.  When I am not feeling well, the last thing I want is to have anything in my mouth, but I truly enjoyed both the Natural Peppermint and Natural Ginger Tummy Drops.  Both are mild and soothing.  I found both to help me feel a little better than I had before I ate them.  I love that I can toss a handful in my purse to have on hand in case I am not feeling well!  Adults are advised to take up to 8 drops per day and they can be purchased on

What products do you use, if any, to help you feel better when you aren’t feeling well?

*The products reviewed in this blog post were sent to me free of charge for review purposes.  The thoughts and opinions shared here are mine and have not been influenced by anyone or anything.

Article Written by:

Kimberly Bouldin is a gluten-free wife, runner & blogger with two children in Columbus, Ohio. After her celiac diagnosis in 2006, she has made it her mission to embrace an entirely new approach to nutrition in a gluten-free world, exploring options that run the gamut from "made from scratch" homemade bread to sampling and reviewing the gluten-free prepared foods that are continuously being introduced to the market. While navigating the waters of becoming gluten-free, Kim shares her experiences and passes along valuable product reviews in addition to helping other moms of celiac kids develop healthy menus that are kid-friendly and palatable. Kimberly is a valuable resource for those who are newly diagnosed, as well as for the more seasoned gluten-free veterans. Follow Kim on Twitter!

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