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Mar 4 2011

Review: Udi's Gluten-free Cookies

A couple of weeks ago, Kim wrote a review on the Udi’s chocolate chip cookies, and after reading that I definitely had to try it for myself.  She also wrote a little while back about Udi’s being available nationwide at Kroger grocery stores, and unfortunately my Kroger was not one of the stores to have them as early as others.  But as luck would have it, as soon as I walked into my neighborhood Kroger yesterday, I immediately spotted the display! This display was located in the deli section of my local Kroger.

I could not control myself to just one, I had to buy all three flavors: chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and my all time favorite cookie, snickerdoodle.  As Kim wrote, they are gluten-, soy- and nut-free, and contain 12 cookies per package, with 2 per serving at about 150 calories per serving, priced at $5.99 per package. You can see on the photo of the display, to the right, they are on the second row down, below the bread, bagels and pizza crusts.  The pizza crusts were actually out during my latest visit, but they should be on the top. Included in the display were also Udi’s muffins, cinnamon rolls and gluten-free granola.

I agree with Kim that in the packaging, they do give the impression that these cookies would be hard and maybe even a bit dry. However, they were far from that.  All three flavors were extremely moist and rich, and absolutely did not crumble apart.  They have the texture of fresh-baked cookies.  I would even think if you could warm them up slightly before serving, people would think they were homemade, straight from the oven.

I really enjoyed all of them, but I think our family favorite was the oatmeal raisin.  They were moist with a great oatmeal texture. I only wished they could have been bigger.  A tie for first for me, but second place for the rest of my family was the snickerdoodle cookie.  Again, the moist texture really makes the cookie, yet it doesn’t have the graininess found in other gluten-free pre-packaged cookies, especially pre-packaged gluten-free snickerdoodles I have tried.  The flavor tasted just like a homemade snickerdoodle, with the cinnamon sugar taste.  Next was the chocolate chip, and like the other two, they were moist with a nice texture and no graininess. They had a more homemade flavor than most pre-packaged cookies, but I preferred the oatmeal raisin and snickerdoodle to the chocolate chip.

When looking at the cookies, I feel the snickerdoodle looks the most homemade, but they are all surprisingly moist and flavorful.

Once again, Udi’s has launched an amazing product for the gluten-free community, which can be enjoyed equally by the gluten-able.  I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us this year.

To find a store near that carries Udi’s, check the store locator on their web site.

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  1. Anne,

    I am so glad that you were able to find these! Now I have to get the other flavors! LOL! I know that my son won’t touch the OR cookies, so I am safe with those, as long as I get to at least sample the snickerdoodle. I may head out today to see if I can find them….I just finished my long run and what a perfect way to eat back some calories! LOL!


  2. Ruth says:

    I completely agree! I just had the oatmeal raisin ones, and I must confess I just ate 5 cookies. THEY WERE AMAZING! I can hardly believe they’re gluten-free, as most GF treats do suffer in terms of moisture and texture. Good job, Udi’s!

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